Important Steps Towards Scoring a One Night Stand

Scoring a one night stand can seem extraordinarily difficult, but in reality it isn’t as impossible as you might think. Once you hit the dating scene, you may be surprised by how often you wind up taking a woman home or going home with her for the night. You may not be prepared for this level of success, which can wind up causing problems for you and may even ruin your chances at having a one night stand to begin with. Knowing how to be prepared for a one night stand is important, since it will help you have the best time you can possibly have and will prevent any awkward mishaps. Always Be Prepared for Any Occasion You never know when you might have a chance to hook up, so you always want to be prepared for anything. Make sure to have anything you need to hook up with you when you go out to bars or clubs, since you may wind up taking a woman home or going to her home even when you don’t expect to score that night. You may even wind up hooking up while you’re away from home or on a trip, so you should always be of the mentality that you should be…

How to Date an Artist

Looking at past and contemporary artists, for a non-artistic outsider it will look a lot like all artists live in their own little world. They can be eccentric, some have trouble staying focused on one topic, and each has their own set of quirks you’ve most probably never encountered before. But this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try your luck with an artistic woman. If you know how to arrange yourself with her oddities, you’ll discover that her creativity goes beyond her medium of choice and can actually give your sex life a whole new twist. The Flirting Phase Artistic women aren’t automatically fashion victims, rather going with their own individual style, but they do have a critical eye when it comes to color and harmony. If you want to impress her, make sure that you dress in a way that doesn’t make her eyes hurt. This doesn’t mean being impeccably dressed in the latest fashions, just that everything should fit together and most importantly, you should wear it with confidence. When you’re conversing with her, don’t be afraid of going into topics that border on fantasy – that’s an artist’s main tool, after all. Artists are also very in-tune with their senses, depending on their medium and if you…

How Being an Artistic Guy Can Get You Laid

“Show her your paintings” If you are an artistic guy or even if you have any particularly artistic hobbies, you can be very successful with women if you know how to use your skills to your advantage. Women can really dig artists, but you have to know how to play your cards right and draw her in the right way. Just being an artist isn’t enough to make you popular with women or get you laid. Sadly, it does involve a bit of effort on your part. Still, once you know the tips and tricks in order to maximize your appeal, you should be reeling in women in no time at all. Showcasing Your Sensitivity One thing women really love about artistic guys is the sensitivity that sometimes goes along with it. Women see artists as people who are more in touch with their emotions and desires, so you need to try and work that to your advantage. Seeming sensitive when you might not actually be that way can be difficult, but once you learn how to work it, you should be set. Try to be as down to earth and casual as possible while still being incredibly attentive to her. You want to stand apart from all the other…

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