Why Scoring Her Number Might Not Mean Anything

Getting a woman’s number is seen as one of the Holy Grails of dating and hooking up. Once you get a woman’s phone number, you might think that you’re in the clear and well on your way to hooking up. Sadly, this isn’t always the case. Getting a girl’s number might not really mean anything at all in the long run, and it certainly doesn’t mean that you are going to get laid. Realizing why getting a woman’s number doesn’t mean much in the long run will help you demand more from the women that you meet to increase your chances of getting a date or one night stand. It Could Be a Fake Number “She might be giving you a fake number” Just because a woman hands you a number doesn’t mean that she’s interested in you, and fake numbers can be the easiest way for her to deal with your interest. Women hand out fake numbers for any variety of reasons, but it can be seriously upsetting to have your hopes up only to realize it wasn’t real. There are several ways to work around being given a fake number. First, you should find out the common fake numbers that women give out so that you can recognize…

Three Signs You’re Doing Flirting Wrong

“I am sorry, I did not said it to you” Flirting isn’t as difficult as some guys like to make it seem. However, when it comes to trying to charm a woman, there are some definite signs that you may need to work on your technique. She’s Not Making Eye Contact with You Women like to let us know when they’re interested in us. Even if she’s playing hard to get, you can still tell that she wants you as long as she’s looking into your eyes. When a woman looks into your eyes while you’re flirting with her, she’s silently telling you that you’re doing a good job at keeping her interest and that she wants you to keep it up. If you’re flirting with a woman and she’s looking everywhere else except your eyes, you may want to think quickly because she’s either losing interest in you or she never had any interest from the beginning. If you notice that a woman you’re flirting with isn’t looking you in the eyes, you need to think about changing up how you flirt. If you think you’ve offended her, apologize and immediately switch to a new topic. You’re Relying on Pick Up Lines The right pick up line doesn’t come…

Sexy Clothes That You Can Wear for Her

“Impress her with your clothes” The world isn’t fair at all. There’s sexism every that you turn, towards women and men. Women aren’t promoted as fast as men, don’t earn enough, and are often treated like sexual objects. Men may not deal with the job and money stuff, or really the sexual object bit either, but you know what? We don’t have sexy clothes. It’s not as upsetting as money and social rights, but it still sucks. Women get all sorts of sexy lingerie things to wear for us, and at most we get man thongs. There’s nothing wrong with those if you’re into that sort of thing, but for us that aren’t it really limits our options. Fear not, you can still wear some man lingerie for her. You just have to get a bit creative while you do it. A Suit Guys, a suit is by far the most effective lady killer that you can get. The key is that it has to be a well fitted one. All of the fancy men in Hollywood wear them to the premieres and whatnot, and everyone says how amazing they look. Do a search online for what a woman wants to see a man in and most likely it will…

Three Kinky First Dates She’ll Love

When you find someone online who shares your kinks, it’s like a dream come true. Of course you’ll want to see if the two of you could work long-term, whether in a casual or committed arrangement. You could meet up for a classic first date of a drink or dinner. But considering that you’re both kinky, there should be no reason to not give your first date a memorable and fun spin. Not to mention that even if the two of you don’t hit off in the end, the both of you will still have had enjoyed yourselves. But considering these three suggestions, you’re very likely to get lucky. A Kinky Shopping Trip Maybe the word shopping will instantly have raised your hackles, but consider this: for one, it isn’t the usual shopping trip consisting of waiting in front of changing rooms and fetching things. Secondly, this is a shopping trip that has the potential to put both of you in an amorous mood. Browse through a sex shop with her and talk about your kinks. You can show her what toys you like to use, talk about your favorite porn movies and vice versa. To take things to the next level, you can tell her what you would do…

Getting Her to Come Home With You the First Night

Having sex on the first date is pretty much every guy’s dream. Unfortunately, it’s usually a fairly rare occurrence, and you might not have ever had the chance to experience it before. There are ways to can increase your chances of getting your date to go home with you on the first date, so if you’ve ever wanted to be able to sleep with her right away, it’s time to learn how to improve your game. Knowing how to make her feel good on the date is crucial to having a chance at going home with her right away. Laying on the Charm Obviously, if you want to convince a woman to have sex with you on the first date, you’re going to have to establish a good connection with her. The best way to do this is to be as charming as possible in the hopes of igniting natural chemistry and passion between the two of you. Don’t act like you’re a guy who just wants to get laid, but instead focus intimately on her and make her feel like the only woman in the world, or at least the only woman you have eyes for. Empathize with her and make her feel wanted by paying close attention to…

Four Ways to Impress a Woman on a First Date

First dates are the hardest part of any relationship. Whether you asked her out in person or online, the tension is the same. This is your real first impression. Even veteran daters get jitters before their first dates, but you can combat these nerves by knowing that you have some sure fire ways to impress her in the bag. Keep these tips in your back pocket to make the date run smoothly and your nerves disappear. Have a Set of Jokes “Impress her by your sense of humor” This might feel cheesy and forced, but people love jokes. Women love a man who can make her laugh, so before you go out find three to five great jokes and memorize them. You don’t have to tell them all at once; if possible, just slip them in any time the conversation begins to lag. You don’t want to give them all up at once, but for breaking tension nothing beats a good joke. Super Hygiene If you want to nix nerves and impress her all at once, take extreme care with your hygiene before you go out. Sure, you always shower and shave before a date, but if you take the time to get a hair trim, slap on a little…

First Date Mistakes You Should Avoid with Introverts

At first, dating an introvert may sound like a difficult challenge. According to common perception, they want to be alone and have a strong dislike for crowds. In a vague sense it is true, however there is much more to introverts and their reasons for enjoying the peace and quiet with a book. While extroverts get their energy from socializing, introverts draw theirs from their moments in peace, which don’t necessarily have to be in solitude. It’s important for you to understand an introverted woman’s need for private time when you’re dating her, so that you can avoid making the following three mistakes. Wrong Place, Wrong Time Introverts actually do go out to mingle every once in a while. The big difference is that they actively choose to do so when they feel that they have the energy and nerve to deal with crowds. When you’re deciding on a date, be sure to check with her if she doesn’t mind the location when you’re picking it. Then, right before the date, check with her again. While you can convince her that it’ll be great to go should she be feeling reluctant, don’t force her to stay longer than she wants or you’ll have a very disgruntled woman upon your hands.…

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