What to Do When Her Trim Isn’t So Fresh

One night stands can be amazing. You’re with a sexy lady who’s totally new to you and absolutely ready for all of the nasty things you’re going to do to her tonight. The clothes start flying off and you get down to business. Being the gentleman you are, you decide to go downtown on her nether regions. The problem comes when you can smell her trim before you reach her knees. You can’t turn back now; you’ll look like a massive asshole and have to tell her that she stinks, guaranteeing that you won’t get laid. So what’s a guy to do? Take it to the Shower “Have sex in the shower” The shower is every school boy’s sexual fantasy setting. You may redirect your kisses from her vag to her thighs first. Otherwise she’ll assume you want to go to get wet because, you’ve got it; she stinks. Kiss her all over and then tell her you have a surprise. Get the shower started before you take her in so she won’t have to wait. Then she’ll get clean and you’ll have a fun wet time in the shower. Get Some Scented Lube “Scented lube will make you both feel comfortable” Sex isn’t as naughty of a topic as…

The Conversation Trifecta That Will Get You Laid

The way to talk your way into a woman’s pants isn’t some cheesy one liner. It’s not the best pick up line you ever heard. It’s a careful blend of three topics of conversation that will dazzle her, impress her, and tug at her heartstrings. When you balance the conversation between these three points she’ll think so much of you that it’s a foregone conclusion that you’ll wind up at her place when the date’s over. Hard Hitting World Issues “Win her with your confidence and intelligence” Before you do anything else, you have to dazzle a woman with your intelligence. Even if she’s not an intellectual herself, that’s the kind of thing that impresses women. The easy part about this is that you don’t even have to do a lot of work. A quick google search will bring you the news of the day. Then you can just mention headlines as the topic progresses and she’ll be amazed that you know so much about what’s going on in the world. If she does know about the world than you thought that she did, you can’t go wrong with agreeing with her. Just nod along, say that she reflects your views. If she asks you questions, just say that it’s…

Telling Creative Lies to Get More Hookups

“Tell her that she is the only one you love” Hooking up with women can be nerve wracking if you’re particularly shy and not used to having extended conversations with women. Being nervous about having conversations with women can ruin your chances at hooking up, so if you want to improve your game you need to figure out how to be more confident. For some guys, lying to women about their hobbies and lives can actually increase their confidence and make them more comfortable talking to women. Knowing how and why you may want to try coming up with some creative lies when you talk to women can help you improve your chances at hooking up. Why It Might Help You It may seem wrong to you to tell lies to a woman you want to sleep with, but it can actually help you immensely, and if you do it right then you won’t really be causing any harm at all. Lying about yourself when you talk to women can make you much more confident about talking to them. After all, if you tell them something that isn’t true and they seem disinterested or they laugh at you, then it wasn’t really you that they were rejecting. It might seem…

Sensual Bedroom Activities to Keep Her Coming Back for More

“Give her what she needs” Men have the tendency to get really excited when there are naked women around. Essentially we pop a boner and put it in. Jerk around for a little while and we’re done. But that’s not going to win any awards with the ladies. Sure, you can always throw in a little bit of rubbing foreplay, but again, there’s no effort. If you really want to make a lady come back for more you’ve got to put some more effort in. The math works. Going down on her will show that you care, but the real ticket is actually pulling out some sensual moves. That’s right; it’s the slow stuff that’s going to make her want to come back for more. Kissing “Go for long smooches” Kissing is something that’s often overlooked. When we were teens we dreamed of making-out with beautiful women. Sure, we wanted to feel them up while we’re at it, but the basis of that desire always started with kissing. Somewhere that got lost after puberty, so let’s bring it back. Kissing her takes time, but it shouldn’t be a chore. Kiss her slowly and deeply, make her think you’re one of those romance novel heroes who are trying to memorize her…

How to Hookup with an Intelligent Woman

Hooking up with an intelligent woman can have many benefits. You’ll have a good base for conversation and they aren’t so quick to shoot down ideas for trying out something new (and possibly kinky). Of course, consequently, you’ll have to adapt your flirting and dating technique in order to impress her. Intelligent people don’t suffer fools easily and are quick to catch on tricks that may have worked for you up until now. Luckily, you don’t need a PhD in the flirting sciences to have better chances. Getting Her Attention Although it would be wrong to say that an intelligent woman won’t be impressed by classical methods of drawing her attention, it’s safe to say that she’ll appreciate something different more. Compliments, showing off or common small talk can work, but you’ll be risking the eventuality of her thinking of you as an idiot. Avoid run off the mill sentences. If you’re trying to hookup online, then show that you’ve read her profile instead of just giving it a cursory glance. Talking about something that interests her can get you a long way and when you show genuine interest in the topic, your chances will be even better. She most likely will recognize what you’re doing within a few seconds,…

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