Using Cologne the Right Way

Cologne is not a perfume for men. Cologne is a man’s signature scent. It lingers in a woman’s mind long after you’ve parted. Cologne is the reason that women want to wear your jacket or stick closer to you when you’re waiting for the right moment to put your arm around her. When you use cologne the right way you’ll have a woman eating out of your hand. Cologne is your secret weapon. Entice Not Overpower “Wear cologne to smell good” When you’re putting on cologne you’re trying to entice a woman. You don’t want to overpower her with a heavy scent. You don’t want drown out any other smell in a ten foot radius. You want to have a pleasant, light stimulation of her senses. Cologne is a concentrated, powerful substance, so you don’t even want to apply it directly to your skin. Spray it into the air in front of you and walk into the cloud. That gives you an even spread over your clothes. You won’t be overpowering, and she also won’t notice that there’s a huge concentration in one spot. Not a Deodorant A very common mistake that men make is thinking that cologne can double as deodorant. This is just flat out not true. If…

Hooking up with a Woman Who’s More Successful Than You

As a man, you’re probably used to being the more successful one in the relationship. It may be completely bizarre to you to wind up hooking up with a woman who is technically more successful than you. She may be richer, she may have a better job, and she may generally be in a better position in life. As society advances, this is going to become more and more common, so learning how to suck it up and get used to it will be important for your dating life. There’s no real reason to be intimidated by women who are more successful than you. Keeping Your Ego in Check It can be intimidating to hook up with a woman who’s more successful than you, and you may become defensive and uncomfortable because of it. It’s important not to let your ego get hurt by the fact that she’s more successful than you, however. If she realizes that you have an issue with how successful she is, she’s likely to take offense to it and not really want to stick around you for much longer. Women take their success very seriously and very personally, especially since it can sometimes be difficult for them to achieve it. Don’t let the fact that…

Four Kinks You Didn’t Know That She Likes

Men assume that since we think about sex so often, we’re the perverted ones. But that’s just sexist talk. Women can be just as nasty as we are. His is most apparent in women who have been in a relationship for a while or who are just having a fling. If you are lucky enough to get with one of those ladies you can be sure that they’ve got some kinks you had no idea existed for women. Take a night together and ask her what she really wants to do, you’ll find that she’s into: Anal Anal has such a bad rap. It’s always the guy who wants to do it or he has to pressure his lady to give in. Sure, it’s not going to hurt the guy any if a dick finds its way into a butthole, but that doesn’t mean he’s the only one that likes it. If you surveyed 100 women, 64 of them would be down with the brown. As a matter of fact, 80% of women who have tried anal orgasm while it’s going on. Because of this women are way more apt to try it. Now that we live in an age where the veil over sex talk has been lifted, women…

Food Play for Your Next Date

Food play can sound like a scary fetish that requires the participants to cover their genitals in gravy but it actually doesn’t have to go that far. For centuries people have believed that food has some kind of sexual power behind it. Oysters are probably the most well known for claiming to make your dick go crazy with lust. While no scientific evidence has ever been brought to the table but who cares? The placebo effect that food can have on a person is just as good. So when you’re really trying to get your date or mistress in the mood for some sexy food play, bust out a few of the favorites. Strawberries “Dip strawberries in chocolate to make it sexy” Strawberries dipped in chocolate are among the staple foods during romantic holidays. It’s not that they’re difficult to make, you seriously melt chocolate and put a strawberry in it. It’s because they’re so red and juicy when you bite into them. Does that sound familiar at all? The juiciness is meant to resemble a woman’s wet and ready trim while the redness represents the color it supposedly takes on when all of the blood flows down there. This isn’t really what you’re thinking about when you’re eating it,…

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