The Conversation Trifecta That Will Get You Laid

The way to talk your way into a woman’s pants isn’t some cheesy one liner. It’s not the best pick up line you ever heard. It’s a careful blend of three topics of conversation that will dazzle her, impress her, and tug at her heartstrings. When you balance the conversation between these three points she’ll think so much of you that it’s a foregone conclusion that you’ll wind up at her place when the date’s over. Hard Hitting World Issues “Win her with your confidence and intelligence” Before you do anything else, you have to dazzle a woman with your intelligence. Even if she’s not an intellectual herself, that’s the kind of thing that impresses women. The easy part about this is that you don’t even have to do a lot of work. A quick google search will bring you the news of the day. Then you can just mention headlines as the topic progresses and she’ll be amazed that you know so much about what’s going on in the world. If she does know about the world than you thought that she did, you can’t go wrong with agreeing with her. Just nod along, say that she reflects your views. If she asks you questions, just say that it’s…

How to Date an Artist

Looking at past and contemporary artists, for a non-artistic outsider it will look a lot like all artists live in their own little world. They can be eccentric, some have trouble staying focused on one topic, and each has their own set of quirks you’ve most probably never encountered before. But this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try your luck with an artistic woman. If you know how to arrange yourself with her oddities, you’ll discover that her creativity goes beyond her medium of choice and can actually give your sex life a whole new twist. The Flirting Phase Artistic women aren’t automatically fashion victims, rather going with their own individual style, but they do have a critical eye when it comes to color and harmony. If you want to impress her, make sure that you dress in a way that doesn’t make her eyes hurt. This doesn’t mean being impeccably dressed in the latest fashions, just that everything should fit together and most importantly, you should wear it with confidence. When you’re conversing with her, don’t be afraid of going into topics that border on fantasy – that’s an artist’s main tool, after all. Artists are also very in-tune with their senses, depending on their medium and if you…

First Date Mistakes You Should Avoid with Introverts

At first, dating an introvert may sound like a difficult challenge. According to common perception, they want to be alone and have a strong dislike for crowds. In a vague sense it is true, however there is much more to introverts and their reasons for enjoying the peace and quiet with a book. While extroverts get their energy from socializing, introverts draw theirs from their moments in peace, which don’t necessarily have to be in solitude. It’s important for you to understand an introverted woman’s need for private time when you’re dating her, so that you can avoid making the following three mistakes. Wrong Place, Wrong Time Introverts actually do go out to mingle every once in a while. The big difference is that they actively choose to do so when they feel that they have the energy and nerve to deal with crowds. When you’re deciding on a date, be sure to check with her if she doesn’t mind the location when you’re picking it. Then, right before the date, check with her again. While you can convince her that it’ll be great to go should she be feeling reluctant, don’t force her to stay longer than she wants or you’ll have a very disgruntled woman upon your hands.…

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