Why Scoring Her Number Might Not Mean Anything

Getting a woman’s number is seen as one of the Holy Grails of dating and hooking up. Once you get a woman’s phone number, you might think that you’re in the clear and well on your way to hooking up. Sadly, this isn’t always the case. Getting a girl’s number might not really mean anything at all in the long run, and it certainly doesn’t mean that you are going to get laid. Realizing why getting a woman’s number doesn’t mean much in the long run will help you demand more from the women that you meet to increase your chances of getting a date or one night stand. It Could Be a Fake Number “She might be giving you a fake number” Just because a woman hands you a number doesn’t mean that she’s interested in you, and fake numbers can be the easiest way for her to deal with your interest. Women hand out fake numbers for any variety of reasons, but it can be seriously upsetting to have your hopes up only to realize it wasn’t real. There are several ways to work around being given a fake number. First, you should find out the common fake numbers that women give out so that you can recognize…

Sexy Clothes That You Can Wear for Her

“Impress her with your clothes” The world isn’t fair at all. There’s sexism every that you turn, towards women and men. Women aren’t promoted as fast as men, don’t earn enough, and are often treated like sexual objects. Men may not deal with the job and money stuff, or really the sexual object bit either, but you know what? We don’t have sexy clothes. It’s not as upsetting as money and social rights, but it still sucks. Women get all sorts of sexy lingerie things to wear for us, and at most we get man thongs. There’s nothing wrong with those if you’re into that sort of thing, but for us that aren’t it really limits our options. Fear not, you can still wear some man lingerie for her. You just have to get a bit creative while you do it. A Suit Guys, a suit is by far the most effective lady killer that you can get. The key is that it has to be a well fitted one. All of the fancy men in Hollywood wear them to the premieres and whatnot, and everyone says how amazing they look. Do a search online for what a woman wants to see a man in and most likely it will…

Habits that Will Turn Her Off Right Away

There are some habits that we have that we don’t even seem to realize. While harmless, a few of these habits tend to turn women off with very little chance of you redeeming yourself. Picking Your Nails “Don’t ever do that in front of a woman” This habit isn’t nearly as bad as some habits out there, but for some reason it seems to annoy the crap out of women. We don’t know if it’s because it makes women assume that you aren’t interested or not, but many hate when a man picks at his nails. Admittedly, it probably does look like you’re bored and uninterested when you’re picking at your nails while someone is trying to talk to you. There is also a chance that the lack of eye contact while you’re staring down at your hands can be very off putting to women. Instead of picking at your nails, we suggest that you keep a small bottle of hand sanitizer on you at all times. While hand sanitizer won’t clean the dirty from under your nails, it may stop the urge of you wanting to pick at them. If hand sanitizer isn’t your thing, you can also try keeping your hands behind your back while you’re talking to…

Easy Steps to Improve Your Appearance

Appearance is pretty much everything when it comes to hooking up and scoring one-night stands. Hooking up quickly means that you’re relying on the first impression to do all the work for you, so how a woman perceives you at first glance is extremely important. Knowing how to improve your appearance without having to have an entire makeover will help you score more women, and it can often be much easier than you might think. Looking good will also make you feel much more confident, which plays into how women will perceive you as well. Practice Proper Grooming Habits “Proper grooming will make you attractive to women” Having proper grooming is one of the most important steps towards improving your appearance. If you’re used to letting a little bit of stubble grow in between dates, now is the time to kick that habit. If you have a particular preference for facial hair then you should make sure to maintain it properly. If you’re going to be clean-shaven, be consistent and take the time to shave frequently. Besides just shaving, you should also make sure to go through the effort of tidying up the rest of your appearance. Get regular haircuts and whiten your teeth if you can afford to do…

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