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This site is just a disgusting scam operation. All the administrators care about is getting your subscription money, and setting up fake profiles to try and keep you in the dark to their operation.

The moment that we logged onto Xflirt.co.uk is the moment that we just had to groan. A site like this is really not going to get the kind of female membership that it needs.

That’s a fact.

All of that comes down to the fact that Xflirt.co.uk does nothing to cater to women. It’s all boobs and butts right from the start, and we figured that out very quickly.

Naughty Dating Scam Alert IMG

It didn’t take our full Xflirt review to see that, and that’s a very solid fact. It’s just awful to think of anyone trying to successfully use this site, because in what way would they ever encourage women to join?

When a site like Xflirt UK builds a site and only puts up a ton of boobs and butts, they’re marketing to men. They want men to join, because they only care about that money.

That’s not doing you any favors.

While it might be fun to look at scantily clad women, that isn’t going to get you laid. Here’s the thing, though: Xflirt UK doesn’t care at all. They don’t want you to get laid.

image overlay Xflirt

They just want you to keep coming back for more, and to keep giving them money. That’s a fact, and that’s all that this site ultimately cares about in the long and short of things.

If you’re really thinking that you can get laid on this site, you’re wrong. This site doesn’t care about you, and it doesn’t care about ladies, either. You aren’t going to get laid here.

Xflirt.co.uk After Six Months: Our Results and What They Prove

We ended up spending a grand total of six months on our Xflirt review, and during that time, we sent out a total of 250 e-mails to ladies that we hoped weren’t fakes.

The results said otherwise.

From those 250 e-mails, we only ended up with a total of 81 responses overall. This was utterly pathetic, and really proved to us exactly how empty this site was overall.

From those 81 responses, not a single woman wanted to meet up with us. This means that ultimately, no one wanted to date us, and that we definitely didn’t get laid on this site.

It was one big waste of time after another as far as we could tell, and while we knew that from the start, it was still disappointing. Sites like this really don’t deserve to still be up and running

The Top Three Problems with Xflirt.co.uk

The main problem with sites like Xflirt is that they just don’t want you to get laid. They don’t put any effort into encouraging ladies to join, and that’s just because they don’t care.

They want you to pay more money to stay.

These site owners just want you to sit on their site, click their ads, and hopefully renew again and again before you get wise to the fact that the site really isn’t going to work.

In order to encourage you further, they usually put up a lot of fake profiles with gorgeous ladies in them. Trust us, they aren’t real. They’re just going to convince you to stick around.

If you really want to get laid, you need to get off this site and away from all of the lies. That’s really the only chance that you’re ever going to have to get a real woman.

This site is bad news.

This site lies about every single little thing and that’s a fact. Trying to find anything real on here is like pulling teeth, and that includes in the site administrators.

If you ever need actual help with something, good luck. You’re mostly going to end up struggling to get around bots and automated responses, which really don’t do you any good.

With that in mind, you’ll find yourself wondering why you’re even here. We certainly wondered that during our review. It became very obvious how pointless this site was.

Xflirt.co.uk in the News

Being sweet to your hookup is a great way to have more fun with her, so check out this article and avoid sites like Xflirt.co.uk: http://voices.yahoo.com/sweet-gestures-romantic-ideas-express-your-41425.html?cat=41

Chocolate is one way to bring some sweetness to your love life, so check out this article and avoid sites like Xflirt.co.uk: http://voices.yahoo.com/how-spice-love-life-chocolate-248017.html?cat=22

The Votes Are In: Should You Use Xflirt.co.uk for Adult Dating?

We absolutely couldn’t stand Xflirt.co.uk, and couldn’t wait to be done with it. There’s nothing good about it, and that’s why we were ready to leave sooner rather than later.

It’s just a bad site.

When you have a site that doesn’t even try, you end up with a site like this. The point of this site is to obviously just steal your money and time away, and otherwise, they don’t care.

Once you’ve given them your money, they really have no more interest in you, and that’s very indicative of any site with magically vanishing customer service representatives.

Sites like this give us nightmares. We really can’t imagine anyone trying to get started on a site like this, because it’s discouraging to the absolute nth degree and then some.

Instead, check out our number one site.

Our number one site is FuckBookNet.net, and it’s the best of the best for online naughty dating. It’s fun, easy to use, and every time that we’ve been on it, it really has worked.

That’s why we think anyone starting out should read our guides and really see which site is the best of the best. By doing so, you’ll actually start off in the right place.

We want you to succeed. With that in mind, you need a good site like FuckBookNet.net. Without it, you’ll be up a creek without a paddle, and really regretting your choices online.

20 Responses to “Xflirt.co.uk Review – Why This Site Fails for Adult Naughty Dating”

  1. Guinea Rebel

    Don’t bother reading the review sites for Xflirt.co.uk. All their articles are just lies, so it’s not worth your time.

  2. I’d go with a big site if I were you. They’re way better in comparison to this one, don’t bother.

  3. Lightning Kangaroo

    I’m tired of telling people that this site is a scam, so I’m just going to leave this comment here.

  4. I really wish somebody would tell me whether or not Xflirt.co.uk is legit, because I want to join really bad.

  5. Wesley Gilman

    Anyone can find a good hookup site, right? Well, apparently not me because I keep finding this shit. Ugh, why?

  6. I had made it my goal to test out every hookup site I found, but I had to stop at Xflirt.co.uk.

  7. God, I can’t even bring myself to give this site a good rating. It just doesn’t deserve it at all.

  8. Fatty Knife

    My favorite review site from 2014 says that this site is a scam, so I won’t be joining anytime soon.

  9. I’ve never tried dating online, but it can’t be too hard, right? I’ll just join Xflirt.co.uk and see where that gets me.

  10. Luther Campbell

    Normally I’m really good with sites like this, but this one has just been too horrible for me to use.

  11. I think I’m going to review Xflirt.co.uk for my blog so people know just how bad of a site it really is.

  12. In comparison to what I’m used to, this site is more than a little lackluster. I’m not going to join.

  13. Cruel Left-handed Ocelot

    I think that this site might be a scam. I don’t know, it’s just a gut feeling that I have.

  14. I think Xflirt.co.uk looks pretty legit personally, but I might be wrong. I need to do some more research first.

  15. Herman Philbrick

    Good thing I don’t take these stupid sites too seriously, or else I’d be pretty damn pissed off right now.

  16. Crimson George Davis

    My decision to test out Xflirt.co.uk was one of the worst ones of my whole life. I hate this site.

  17. Rating this site is easy. It’s going to get a negative review from me everywhere I can find to write.

  18. Red Edward Digger

    Review sites from 2014 seem to think that this site is great, and all I can see is a load of crap.

  19. Dating online is so hard for me, so I don’t think I can expect much when I sign up for Xflirt.co.uk.

  20. Lyman Sayre

    I wish sites like this didn’t exist. They just trick people into thinking that they’ll get laid, and that’s awful.

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