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You'll find ladies from all walks of life here, and quite easily at that, with the clean design and great search engine. That variety scored us 8 dates and 6 hot nights. is one site that we were really excited to check out. It’s full of a lot of different ladies a far as we could tell, and we do really love a site that has a ton of variety in place.

This site definitely has that.

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During our SocialSex review, we really got a chance to enjoy ladies from all walks of life. This site is thriving and exciting, and that’s because it does a good job of bringing women in.

SocialSex UK also has a very low amount of advertisements. It keeps the site from becoming too cluttered, and we really did enjoy that part of in general.

We feel like most people would be able to make this site work for them. It all flows together very seamlessly, and this design is very pleasing to use and on the eye.

You won’t get lost here.

Because it’s so easy to use, we really think that most people would be able to find what they want on this site. Their search features are great, and really comprehensive.

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This site is in the top five for so many reasons, and the hard numbers are just one of them. Check it out at SocialSex

It’s easy to fill out your profile on this site and really find what you’re looking for. We enjoyed that, and we really think that most people will like those nitpicky features as well.

The thing about this site is that there honestly is something for everyone. Most sites don’t have that going for them, but definitely does, and that’s something we really enjoyed about SocialSex UK in general. It’s just easy to use, and really does work. After Six Months: Our Results and What They Prove

We ended up spending a grand total of six months on our SocialSex review, and during that time, we sent out a grand total of 250 e-mails to women that we found on this site.

We were thrilled.

From those 250 e-mails, we ended up with a grand total of 190 responses. This was incredible, and well beyond our expectations of a 50% return of e-mail responses.

From those 190 responses, a total of 14 women wanted to meet up with us. Ultimately, 8 ended up showing up, and at the end of our dates, we ended up sleeping with 6 of them.

We were thrilled by these results, and raring to go for more. This is one of those sites that you can really keep coming back to, and that’s something that we absolutely adored about it. Messages: Two Emails That Got Smoking Results

Email 1: “Hi, Emily. I couldn’t help but notice how gorgeous your smile was, and that drew me in.

From there, I saw that you actually show dogs. I’ve never been involved in something like that, but I do like watching the dog shows on television. Could you tell me a little bit more about it?”

Email 2: “Hi, Irene. I was drawn into your profile because I saw that you were an avid lover of fine art.

There’s actually a museum opening up this weekend, and I have tickets to it. I don’t have anyone else to go with, though, and I was looking for someone fun to check it out with. Are you available?”

What We Wished Other Sites Would Copy from

One of the best features of this site is how down and dirty you can really get with your profile. It makes it very easy to customize, and very easy to be specific about what you want.

The more specific, the better.

On this site, you really do need to fill out that profile. It gives you a ton of different options, and you can really take the time to talk about what you’re interested in experiencing.

This site’s versatility in that regard is something that you don’t get to see every day. It makes it much easier to really figure out what you’re into, because you might see something on the list of customizations that you completely forgot about as well.

Being able to customize this much is not something a ton of sites offer, so definitely take advantage of it. We certainly do, and we think it helps us get more dates. Tips and Tricks: How to Get Ahead of the Game

This is one of those sites where more is definitely better. If you really take the time to list what you’re into–both sexual and not–you’ll come out on top more often than not.

Just don’t skimp.

Your profile is the place where it all needs to happen. You can really get into the nitty gritty details of it all, and trust us, these ladies really do seem to love to read about it.

That being said, you really can’t be crass or classless about the things that you talk about on your profile. Keep it classy, and keep it respectful as well. She’ll know better if you don’t.

These women might want to know a lot about you, but the one thing you can leave out is talking about any of your past relationships. Skip that kind of talk, and move on to the good stuff about sex.

What Needs to Improve

There were only a few things that we could really find that weren’t the best parts of this site, and that’s a good thing, because otherwise, we really enjoyed our time on here.

Just watch out for cam girls.

The one problem that SocialSex does seem to have is with cam girls. That’s unfortunate, but hey, every site out there has to have some kind of an issue with scammers.

The cam girls are ones that put up links in their profiles to get you to click on them and go check out their pages. Trust us, they aren’t going to date you; they just want your money.

Avoid them, and you’re fine. It’s better not to even respond to their messages. Just report them and forget about them, because otherwise, they’re just one big waste of time. in the News

Using herbs to increase her sex drive can be incredibly help, so keep that in mind even on sites like

Knowing the top ten sexual turn offs for men can be helpful, even on great sites like

It’s important to know what birth control can do to a woman’s sex drive, especially on sites like

The Votes Are In: Should You Use for Adult Dating?

We absolutely loved, and that’s why it’s our number three site overall for naughty dating. The results don’t lie; it’s proven itself to be one of the best of the best.

We loved it.

Sites like this don’t come along very often, but we’re glad that this one did. It’s consistent, easy to use, and we really think that most people could start out here and have a great time.

Because of that, we were almost sad to be done with our review. It’s so easy to use that we think that literally anyone could do it, and that’s definitely a huge plus.

While it’s easy, it’s not necessarily for the inexperienced. We think even people that are incredibly experienced could have a great time on a site like

Try it in conjunction with

Sites like are really the cream of the crop. That’s why you should check them both out, and really see which one works the best for you in general.

What we’ve found is that trying both at once tends to yield the best results. You’ll really be able to meet more women that way, and you’ll end up seeing some incredible results.

At the end of the day, it’s all about having fun. As far as we’re concerned, trying out both and getting more women because of it is a ton of fun, and we’ve proven that.

35 Responses to “ Rating – Our #3 Pick for Adult Naughty Dating”

  1. Risky Scorpion

    Please, you should read my review for if you’re trying to decide whether or not to join! I love this site, and I can guarantee that you will too!

  2. Oh wow. In comparison to all the crap I’m used to dealing with from hookup sites, this one is a miracle. I’ve never been so happy on a dating site!

  3. Plusstrong

    I want to tell everyone on here that this site isn’t a scam, because that would be a totally valid concern to have. It really looks like a fake site.

  4. Douglass Ammons

    I have such a hard time telling if these sites are legit, so I guess I’m going to have to do my research on before I make my final decision.

  5. Wooden Fisty Rat

    It’s a good thing I didn’t give up on these kinds of sites, because I finally found the one that works for me! I’m never going back to the old sites!

  6. I don’t think I’m ever going to test out another dating site after what a good time I’ve had on I can’t get off this site to save my life!

  7. I’m going to give this site such a good rating on my blog, and that never happens. I usually hate all these sites, so this is a surprise. Good job!

  8. Review sites from 2014 all say that this site is a scam, but if they actually knew how the site works they’d know that it’s completely legit. Do your research.

  9. Cedrick Neely

    I am so good at online dating it’s not even funny. I’m joining, and there’s no way that I won’t have a girlfriend within the month. I’m really good.

  10. Brutal Power

    This is my first time on any sites like this, and I’m pleasantly surprised at how good it’s been to me. The women on here are so nice it’s crazy!

  11. I’m going to be doing a review of for my blog, and I can’t wait to let everyone know that, believe it or not, this site is actually legit.

  12. Comparison sites, move aside! This one is taking the web by storm, and it’s no wonder why! It’s easy to use and the women are amazing, there are no cons.

  13. Navy Helium

    I’m so used to falling for scam sites that I was honestly surprised when this one turned out to be a good one. That’s so sad, if you ask me.

  14. Legit hookup sites are really hard to come by, so while I signed up for, I’m really not expecting much. They just don’t work out most of the time.

  15. The Lightning Stormy Bandit

    Good things really do come to those who wait! I kept looking and looking for a good hookup site, and I’ve finally found one that works really well for me.

  16. Opossum Red

    When I decided to test out, I figured it was going to be really shitty. I’ve actually hooked up with a ton of women that I met on here, though!

  17. Originally I had planned on giving this site a really bad rating just to be ironic, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. The site’s just too damn good.

  18. So, for some reason a lot of review sites have been cropping up in 2014 saying that this site is a scam? Why are they lying about that kind of stuff?

  19. Jarred Goldvogel

    I’ve never tried dating online, but it looks easy. I think I’m going to sign up for and a few others just to see which ones work best for me.

  20. Brutal Poseidon Wizard

    Sites like this are why I’m proud to tell everyone that I use hookup sites to meet all the women that I take home! These kinds of sites are great!

  21. Lovebird Gutsy

    Don’t trust just any review that you read for! I heard that a lot of websites hire people out to write negative things about this site, and it’s really good.

  22. Wow, I’m just floored at how great this site is in comparison to what I was expecting. You have yourself a lifetime member, I promise! This is the best site!

  23. With scam sites all over the place these days, you never know who to trust. Luckily for my I’ve had really great luck on this site so far, thank god.

  24. Gerardo Wegley

    From what I’ve seen, looks totally legit, so I think I’m going to sign up. I’ll give it a month, and if I don’t like it then I’ll leave.

  25. Clown Temporary

    I really wanted this site to be good, and I was not disappointed. From the moment I joined up until now I’ve had a fantastic time, and it’d recommend it.

  26. Go ahead and test out if you feel like it, but I can guarantee you’re going to end up joining, so you might as well just sign up now.

  27. Rating this site is really easy for me! I want to give it a really high score on every review site because it’s been so awesome! I love this site!

  28. Hungry Eagle

    Review sites from before 2014 say that this site is great, so I wouldn’t trust those new reviews. They’re clearly just jealous of this great site and how good it is.

  29. Randolph Hoffhants

    For some reason I always have a really tough time dating online, so instead I think I’m just going to hook up on sites like That might help me.

  30. I’m not used to sites like this actually being good, I’m honestly pretty shocked. This site has been nothing but great to me from the start, I couldn’t be happier.

  31. Eastern Postal

    My review of this site is going to be really great, so keep an eye out for it. A site as good as deserves a really good review if you ask me!

  32. In comparison to all the crap I’ve gotten used to from hookup sites over the years, this site is a miracle, and I’m not going to be leaving anytime soon.

  33. I was so worried that this site was going to be a scam, and now I’m just laughing at myself! This is seriously the best site out there for hookups!

  34. Rigoberto Dugmore

    Someone needs to tell me ASAP if is legit, because I really want to join but I don’t have time to be dealing with any fake sites. No way.

  35. Small Volunteer

    People might not tell you that this site is good, but I promise it’s the best hookup site I’ve been on in a long time. Don’t let looks deceive you!

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