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The terrible site layout makes even signing up to be a chore. The only individuals who seem to be able to make sense of the process are scambots, who have invaded en masse. has a name that just makes us roll our eyes, and a layout that makes us want to shield them. There’s really nothing appealing about this site, which means no one is going to join.

We figured that out quickly.

During our SaucyDates review, we really just had to grimace at how few people joined this site every month. is really not very active, and that’s a fact.

Naughty Dating Scam Alert IMG

Most of that seems to be because the layout is just very…bad. This site really makes it a chore to join up, and that’s something that we really enjoyed dealing with.

Trying to get someone to join your site should be an easy thing. You should, at least, make the process easy if nothing else, and that’s something that you should always remember.

It’s the opposite here.

SaucyDates UK mostly makes it difficult for real people, and easy for scammers. At least, that’s what we ended up noticing for the most part while we were on this site.

img overlay SaucyDates

Scammers seem to come in waves. Most of them seem to be bots, and they’re nigh impossible to block from your inbox. It makes everything cluttery, and really obnoxious.

We really don’t like using sites that have a ton of scam bots on them, but duty calls, and we stuck to our SaucyDates UK review. This site is just a mess, though, and we found that out quickly. After Six Months: Our Results and What They Prove

We ended up spending a grand total of six months on our SaucyDates review, and during that time, we sent out a total of 250 e-mails to women that we really hoped were real.

They probably weren’t.

From those 250 e-mails, we only ended up with a grand total of 39 responses. This wasn’t anywhere close to our 50% minimum, and we really were disappointed.

From those 39 responses, not a single woman wanted to contact us to meet up. They didn’t want to see us at all, and that means that of course, we didn’t get laid on this site.

We weren’t exactly surprised, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t be disappointed. We hate wasting our time, and sadly, a waste of time was all this site was.

The Top Three Problems with

Sites that are just empty usually have a reason for being that way, and in the case of, that’s all because the layout on this site is incomprehensibly bad.

A five year old designed this site.

We’re not sure if that’s true or not, but we’d believe it if we were told that. It’s just awful, and it really doesn’t do it any justice. We feel bad for that five year old if that’s the case.

This site just makes it difficult to navigate and join at all. When you have something like that happening, most people will just end up getting frustrated and leave.

That’s not exactly the best way to get members, obviously. Even if they do manage to join up, they’re going to see very quickly that this site is nothing but one big wasteland.

It’s just boring.

When a site is this empty, it only ends up attracting scammers. That’s definitely the case here, and we really didn’t want to sit around and deal with them for longer than necessary.

Most of them do seem to be bots, and they were pretty determined to clog up our inboxes. If that’s not annoying, we don’t know what is, and we got sick of it pretty fast.

Between the bots and the empty site, we really were through. We wanted to be done with our review sooner rather than later, and graciously, that ended up happening. in the News

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Satin underwear will really be a hit with the ladies, and that’s why you should invest in some for her even on sites like

The Votes Are In: Should You Use for Adult Dating?

We really didn’t like at all, and were glad to be rid of it sooner rather than later. It’s not a good site, and we would never even begin to recommend it to anyone.

It’s just not good.

We hate sites that claim to be something that they aren’t, and that definitely happened here more than once. just doesn’t care about its customers.

That’s obvious in the way that they just don’t try to make a functional site at all. It’s impossible to make this site work, and that’s why no one ends up joining it at the end of the day.

There are too many good sites out there for you to be wasting your time with such an awful one. That’s something that we very firmly believe, and that’s why you should just leave this one alone.

Instead, check out

Our number one site is, and it’s really the best of the best. It’s proven itself to be our number one, and the numbers simply don’t lie about it at all.

We’ve only ever had great experiences there, and we have to say, the layout actually makes sense. If you want a site that really works, you need to go for the best one out there.

We really think that you’ll see a huge difference, so give it a shot. You will be surprised at how much it changes your sex life for the better, so don’t waste your time in checking it out.

20 Responses to “ Review – Why This Site Fails for Adult Naughty Dating”

  1. Captain Jack Crawhawk

    I’m not going to review another site like ever again. This was just so bad it made me embarrassed.

  2. I’m laughing at how bad this site is in comparison to my usual haunts. I don’t think they even tried.

  3. Black Turtle

    Just in case you were wondering, this site is a scam. I was on here a month ago, so I would know.

  4. Someone needs to tell me if is legit so I can decide whether or not I want to join.

  5. Jamal Tanner

    Good luck meeting any women on here. I’ve been trying for a year now and I’ve had no luck at all.

  6. Dangerous Beast

    I’m going to test out again to see if it was as bad as it was the first time.

  7. I literally refuse to give this site a high rating. It doesn’t deserve it, so it’s not going to get it.

  8. Sunny Crow

    Don’t trust any review sites from 2014! They all keep making up lies about this site, so be very careful.

  9. I’m new to online dating, so can somebody please let me know if is a good place to start?

  10. Israel Mckinnon

    Sites like this are why I have no interest in online dating anymore. It was just a really bad experience.

  11. Rare Screamy Sinner

    My review of is going to be so terrible. I can’t stand this site and I hope it goes down.

  12. God, in comparison to what I’m used to, this site is a huge disaster. Why did I ever even join?

  13. Brutal Wombat

    I’m worried that this site is a scam, so I think I’m going to cancel my membership later this month.

  14. I’m always worried that these kinds of sites aren’t legit, so I need to figure out if is real.

  15. Eddie Munson

    The women on here are no good at all. They’re either fake or they’re disgusting, there’s really no in between.

  16. I was going to test out until I started hearing all these stories about how bad it apparently is.

  17. Giving this site a low rating is the least of what I could do in my efforts to get this site shut down.

  18. The Wild Killer

    I want to review this site in 2014 so people can avoid it because it’s one of the worst ones.

  19. Normally I’m really good at online dating, so I think moving to a small site like should be fine.

  20. Marty Schere

    I hate sites like this with a passion, and I want to keep everyone I know of from joining them.

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