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The ladies here are eager to try new things, so don't be afraid to take a walk on the wild side with your fantasies. The site scored us 7 dates and 5 nights, and we couldn't be more pleased.

Sites like are the reason that we keep eagerly diving into sex dating online. These sites are a ton of fun, and during our EroticAds review, we almost didn’t want it to end.

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It was just a blast.

What makes so fun is that it’s honestly a smart site. It’s easy to talk about exactly what you want on here, and as far as we’ve seen on EroticAds UK, that tends to bring the ladies to you.

What more can you ask for? This site was just a good time overall, and the crowds on this site are fantastic. You can really meet some fun, exciting ladies on here.

The thing about the women on here is that they aren’t just like every other woman. They’ve got some seriously kinky things in mind, and we loved that about this site.

It’s great for those experimenting.

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Want a site that’s a guaranteed thing? You’ll definitely get the naughty dates you’ve been wanting at EroticAds

EroticAds UK really helps you find someone that’s just as interested in trying out new things as you are. Why not get into that side of naughty dating if you absolutely have the chance to?

On this particular site, that can really happen sooner rather than later. We found it very easy to find the kinds of ladies that we were looking for, and they were interested in us, too.

Above all, this is the kind of site to keep an open mind on. You really can’t go wrong here, and all of the women that we met on here so far have been fun, and smoking hot. After Six Months: Our Results and What They Prove

We ended up spending a grand total of six months on our EroticAds review, and during that time, we sent out a total of 250 e-mails to ladies that we met on this particular site.

The results were incredible.

From those 250 e-mails, we ended up with a grand total of 187 replies. This was awesome, considering we just wanted a minimum of 50% return rate of our e-mails.

From those 187 replies, a total of 11 ladies actually wanted to meet us. 7 of them ultimately showed up, and from there, we ended up actually sleeping with a total of 5 of them.

We were very thrilled with these results, and couldn’t wait to turn around and go back in the future. This is the kind of site that we really love seeing when we’re into naughty dating. Messages: Two Emails That Got Smoking Results

Email 1: “Hi, Katherine. I see that you’re really into travel, and so am I, so I just had to click.

What is your favorite place that you’ve ever traveled to? I’ve been around to a few countries so far, but mostly in Europe. I’m hoping to check out Asia soon enough.”

Email 2: “Hi, Melissa. I couldn’t help but notice your gorgeous smile, and that made me just have to check out your profile.

From there, though, I noticed that you were an avid tennis player. I’ve always wanted to learn, and I bet you could teach me a few tricks. Any ideas about how to start for a very beginner?”

What We Wished Other Sites Would Copy from

Sites like have an amazing formula when it comes to drawing women in, and we loved that. This open, intimate atmosphere is something that we’d love to see on all sites.

There’s none of that boobs and butts crap.

On most sites, you’re going to find yourself drowning in boobs and butts and porn stars. Obviously, this drags a lot of men in, but it mostly just shoves a lot of women away.

On this site, there’s none of that. It’s sexy while still being intimate, and that means that it’s one hell of a lot easier to actually meet women on this site in general.

Because there are so many women on here, you have that many more chances. We hope that more sites figure out that it’s better to cater to the ladies, because that definitely works here. Tips and Tricks: How to Get Ahead of the Game

Like the rest of the site, it’s important for you to never be crass or classless on this site. While it’s a lot of fun to use this site, you just can’t be creepy or lewd here.

Women want sweetness.

These ladies really want to have a good time, but they don’t want to be with a man that’s going to talk to them like they’re little more than a fancy blow-up doll for their pleasure.

They aren’t going to think it’s cute. They want a man that’s actually going to give them the time of day, so that means talking a lot about other things that aren’t sexual first.

If you can stomach that, great! You’re a decent human being. That’s something that this site really requires, and trust us, it really doesn’t slow down the process all that much.

What Needs to Improve

We loved this site, but it’s not perfect. There are a few things on it that really just didn’t work for us, and we’re sure that is working on fixing that stuff sooner rather than later.

There are scams here.

Fortunately, there’s also a great system for reporting them and getting rid of them, but there are scams nonetheless. They’re annoying, and they’re usually just a lot of escorts.

Remember: escorts don’t really care about you. They’ll sleep with you for money, and that’s all they want. They aren’t going to be something that keeps you warm at night for long.

That’s why they’re best ignored and forgotten. Save your money, and actually have time with real ladies that want to be in your company because they like you, not your cash. in the News

Helping your lady eat the right foods can really make a difference in her sex drive, so check that out even on sites like

Knowing what foods can improve everyone’s sex drive is important, especially on great sites like

Knowing how your sex life compares to other people in the world can be interesting, especially on sites like

The Votes Are In: Should You Use for Adult Dating?

We absolutely adored, and think that it’s one of the best sites that we’ve tried so far. It’s number four on our list of rankings, and that’s why we’ll be happy to go back.

Definitely check it out.

We think that sites like this are always worth a second glance, and with, that’s definitely the case. The numbers simply don’t lie in our reviews.

Because of this, we really think that most people could have a good time on here. It’s easy to use, full of ladies, and there are a ton of opportunities to experiment here.

It’s just a good time to be had by all as far as we can see. That makes it an ideal site for someone that’s just getting into naughty dating, and wants a safe place to try out new things.

Try it with, too.

If you check out along with our number one site,, you’re going to be in for a treat. Both sites are incredible, and really do work.

Trying both at once is one of our favorite tactics, and is sure to really help you meet a lot of ladies. You’ll really be able to expand your horizons, and have a ton of fun.

Don’t hesitate–give it a shot today, and you’ll really be able to see a difference sooner rather than later.

35 Responses to “ Rating – Our #4 Pick for Adult Naughty Dating”

  1. Dirty Baron

    Someone should write a good, in-depth review of so that people can see once and for all that it’s a good site and they can shut up about it.

  2. Don’t laugh, but in comparison to the sites I’m normally on, this is a huge upgrade. I mean, this site is amazing to me. I’m never going to leave it.

  3. Cutie Bunny

    I keep getting suckered into scam sites, so it’s nice to finally have a site that I know is legit. I need to meet some more women, that’s for sure!

  4. Agustin Trevithick

    For some reason, I don’t think that looks legit. I don’t know if it’s the layout or what, but something seems off to me. Who knows, I’m probably wrong.

  5. Cruel Left-handed Ocelot

    I’m really good at hooking up with women on these kinds of sites, so really it’s no surprise that this one has been yet another goldmine. Score for me again.

  6. Angry Mutant

    I was asked to test out for my friend, and after I looked it over for him I just ended up making my own account that very same day!

  7. Anybody who’s giving this site a bad rating to be funny or ironic needs to stop right now. It gives the site a bad reputation, and it’s a great site.

  8. Review sites from 2014 don’t do this site justice so far, so they really need to step up their game and start telling the truth. This site is really good.

  9. Dewayne Elliott

    Can anyone tell me if is for dating only? I want to hook up, not deal with all the drama of a relationship. I need some answers right now!

  10. El Skeleton

    I’m usually one to avoid sites like this, but I gave this one a try just for shits and giggles. I was honestly surprised at how many members it has!

  11. Sleepy Rabbit

    My review site is going to look even better once I add my article about the great time I had on! I wrote a pretty in-depth story about it.

  12. Don’t even tell me that this site is shit in comparison to the big ones, because I’m a member on here and I know better than to believe that crap.

  13. Trooper Cute

    Don’t worry, this site isn’t a scam. I know it might look like a bad site, but once you get past the homepage it’s really not so bad at all.

  14. Something tells me that is legit, even though the layout isn’t the best. I think I’m going to sign up, because this is a promising site, I know it.

  15. Somebody told me that this site was good a long time ago, but being an idiot I didn’t believe them. I wish I had just listened and joined it sooner!

  16. After the great experience I had on, I want to test out every small hookup site I can get my hands on! This is becoming an addiction, I think.

  17. I’m going to go and give this site a great rating on every review site that I know of. I don’t know why this site doesn’t have a better reputation.

  18. My review for 2014 of this site is going to be glowing if it keeps up at this rate. I’m getting laid damn near every weekend thanks to this site.

  19. I’m getting really sick of dating the ugly women in my town, so I’m going to try hooking up with some new ones on instead. Wish me luck, guys.

  20. Random Lobster

    Sites like this almost always flop, so it’s odd that this one is so good. It’s like a diamond in the rough, and I just can’t get enough of it!

  21. Salty Mary De Belleville

    I was asked to review for my job, and I was really reluctant to at first. Once I got started, though, I realized that it was a great site.

  22. Comparison sites really have nothing on this one, and it’s so cheap that honestly I don’t get why you wouldn’t just go for this one instead of a smaller one.

  23. Rapid Stoned Reindeer

    Normally these kinds of sites will scam you out of your money and personal info, but this one is different. By different, I mean better. It’s so much better, seriously.

  24. I heard that wasn’t legit, but it seems like an okay site to me. I want to join it just to prove everyone wrong, so I think I will.

  25. I’ve been convinced that this site is good for a long time, but now I can finally prove it. My girlfriend is someone that I met here on this site!

  26. Morbid Walker Silverbeard

    Test out if you feel like it, but I promise you that you’re going to love it. You should just sign up for it and save yourself the trial.

  27. Rating this site is hard for me, because I can’t figure out a way to rig the site so I can give it something above a ten out of ten.

  28. Jackal Tough

    Review sites from 2014 don’t know what they’re talking about when it comes to this site. They all say that it’s bad, and that’s not true at all, like wow.

  29. Ronald Pfeifer

    Nobody tells you how hard online dating is! I’m going to switch to smaller sites like until I can figure out how to do it on the big sites.

  30. Dangerous Rocky Electron

    Sites like this have screwed me over so many times, so it was a miracle that I gave this ond a shot. I’m glad I did, though. It’s been amazing.

  31. Temporary Essential Scissors

    I saw a review of this site that said it wasn’t any good, and I think they just looked at the homepage for instead of actually investigating the site.

  32. In comparison to my usual haunts, this site goes above and beyond my expectations. I’m going to cancel my other memberships right now and just get on this site instead.

  33. Boiling Jackal

    For some reason I was convinced that this site was a scam, but so far I seem wrong. I guess I’m not complaining about it, though. I love this site

  34. Hugh Altmann

    Legit sites are so hard to pick out. Can anyone tell me if is real, or is it just another fake? I’m getting really sick of all these games.

  35. Bloody John Stoker

    I can’t believe that nobody told me how good this site was! I’ve never had so much luck hooking up in my life, it’s been a total miracle for me!

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