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A site that's plastered with boobs and butts everywhere just won't attract female membership. Instead, it'll attract escorts and cam girls, which is all that you'll find here.

We just have to take a stiff drink whenever we think about The boobs and butts parade is all over this site, which, of course, means no chance of real women.

It’s just a dead site.

Sadly, there are a ton of fakes on sites like this. is no exception, and most of those fakes are just cam girls and escorts coming out to play.

Naughty Dating Scam Alert IMG

During our AdultSingles review, we ended up seeing a ton of them. What you have to remember is that none of these ladies actually want to be with you. They just want your money.

There are a lot of these kinds of ‘ladies’ on this site, unfortunately, and that means that there’s really no chance to get laid on here. AdultSingles UK is one of those sites that just makes you sigh sadly, and remember how bad some sites online are.

It’s just not safe.

An unsafe site is really not the place to go after your ideal lady. You’re not going to be able to have a good time when you’re constantly looking over your shoulder on a site like AdultSingles UK.

AdultSingles overlay screen

Trust us, that’s all that will happen on here. You’ll be watching out for scams the whole time you’re on here, and that’s not something that you’re really going to want.

It’s unsafe, plain and simple. We really don’t want to deal with any fakes that are on this site, because most of them are just going to be after your money…or your identity. After Six Months: Our Results and What They Prove

We ended up spending a total of six months on our AdultSingles review, and during that time, we sent out a total of 250 e-mails to women that we found on this site.

It wasn’t worth it.

From those 250 e-mails, we only ended up receiving a grand total of 17 replies total. That wasn’t worth it at all, and really not anywhere near the minimum number that we wanted.

From those 17 replies, not a single lady wanted to meet up with us. This means that we didn’t get laid on this site at all, and that it was totally a waste of time for us.

We really hate wasting our time, and sites like this prove to us that most of the things are a waste of time nowadays. We weren’t impressed, and we were glad to be done with it.

The Top Three Problems with

If you’re looking for an exhibit on how not to run a site, this is one site that you should look at. does a great job of demonstrating a ton of different scams, too.

It’s just sad.

Seeing this many scams in one place is really disheartening. We find it terribly annoying to get on a site that’s this full of scammers, because it’s just impossible to use.

Most of the scams on here are cam girls and escorts, and that means that you’re not going to be getting anything unless you pay for it. For the most part, they’re still just scams.

These women don’t want to be with you, and that’s something you have to remember. Skip this site unless you want to be up to your neck in fake kinds of ladies.

It’s just no good.

We really hate being on a site that’s just full of fakes like that. It’s no fun, and it’s really not going to end up getting you any ladies. That’s the whole point of online dating, after all.

The other thing about sites like this is that if they get ahold of your private information, then you’re screwed. Looking over your shoulder like that really isn’t appealing.

We want to have a fun, safe time when we date online, and sites like this really keep that from happening. Skip it, and you’ll end up a lot happier in your online dating. in the News

If you want to throw a sex toy party, this article can help you out in ways that never would:

There are a lot of great places to shop for lingerie, and this article points them out in ways that never will:

The Votes Are In: Should You Use for Adult Dating?

We really didn’t like, and that’s why we were happy to be done with it. We’ll never recommend it to anyone, so leave this one alone and move to another site.

There are much better choices.

The thing about this site is that it’s never going to work out. It needs to be completely shut down and wiped clean for it to ever end up being anything close to good.

Sites that are completely and utterly covered in fakes really aren’t appealing to us. You aren’t going to get laid on this site, so what’s the point in trying to use it in general?

Instead, you should be looking at sites that really work. We love ladies, and that’s why we do this. You aren’t going to have them on sites like this one, because they’re full of fakes.

Check out is our number one site for online naughty dating, and we love it. The numbers really aren’t going to lie in this case, and that’s why we know it’s the best.

It’s a great site, and we’ve only ever had a good time on That’s why you should definitely give it a shot, and really see exactly what it can do for you.

You won’t be disappointed. Check it out, and you’ll see what we mean. You’ll be hard pressed to find another site that gives you as much fun as our number one site does.

20 Responses to “ Review – Why This Site Fails for Adult Naughty Dating”

  1. Wolverine Grim

    Don’t ask me to review a site like ever again. That was a terrible experience I don’t wish to repeat.

  2. Comparison sites are miles ahead of this one, and that’s just sad. This site claims to be really good, too.

  3. Dirty Baron

    I’m getting really worried that this site is a scam. I’ve been on here for months and haven’t gotten laid.

  4. I think that looks totally legit, but you can never be too certain. I need to look up reviews.

  5. Jordon Mingle

    Can someone please explain to me why I heard that this site was good and now I’m met with this crap?

  6. If you want to test out, then be my guest, but I’m going to warn y ou that it doesn’t work.

  7. Rating this site is tough because it won’t let me give it a low enough score to make me happy.

  8. Stormy Rebel Breeze

    I want to review this site for 2014, but I’m worried that I won’t find any positive things to say.

  9. I’ve never tried online dating, but I have hooked up, and I think it’s the same thing, so here I come.

  10. Millard Lotherington

    Sites like this are why I don’t try to date online anymore. These small sites all need to be shut down.

  11. I want to review, but I don’t have anything good to say about it, so I might not do it.

  12. I can’t get over how bad this site is in comparison to what I’m used to. Do people actually like this site?

  13. Gazette Young

    I’m about a hundred percent certain that this site is just a scam, but I don’t have any evidence yet.

  14. Everyone tells me that isn’t legit, but I really want to just find out for myself if that’s the case.

  15. Refugio Field

    Nobody warned me that this site was no good before I joined, and I really wish now that they had.

  16. Heavy Angry Sun

    I want to test out another hookup site since apparently isn’t going to work for me. What a bust.

  17. If I had to give this site a rating, I’d give it about a negative six and I’ll leave it at that.

  18. Jack Purple Redblade

    Review sites from 2014 keep talking about how good this site is, but they’re all so totally full of shit.

  19. I wish I was better at online dating, because I’m getting really nervous about joining a little site like

  20. Micheal Buehler

    I am so done with sites like this. They all just make me wish I was dead, which is bad.

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