Women You Should Avoid Hooking up with or Dating

Hitting the dating scene can often be difficult enough when you’re going after all the women in the bars and clubs equally, so you might not want to impose any kind of restrictions on the women you pursue. However, it can really be to your benefit to keep an eye out for certain types of women when you start trying to hook up. There are some types of women that you just really want to avoid hooking up with or dating, because they can become seriously annoying and cause you big problems down the line. Knowing what to keep an eye out for will help you avoid big trouble later on. Women Who Seem Overly Clingy “Beware of clingy women” Women who seem particularly clingy right off the bat are not going to be good for you, whether you want to date or just hook up. A woman who is clingy might just seem affectionate at first, but she can quickly become trouble for you. You can usually spot a clingy woman fairly easily. Once she likes you, she will not leave you alone. This can manifest as physical clinging to you, hanging on your every word, responding to every text, or messaging you constantly. No other type of woman…

Why You Shouldn’t Just Surprise Her with Something New in Bed

When you’re in a relationship of any sort (committed, open, purely sexual) it can eventually get boring. You find out in the beginning that sex is amazing, and then you just keep having that awesome sex. Even awesome things get boring when you do them hundreds of times over. You might be tempted to introduce some new material into your routine, but she’s purely rooted I what’s going on. She might even tell you that she’s not bored. Whatever the reason, you’ve been cut off from Adventure Town. So you might be thinking that you can sort of just surprise her with something new and she’ll end up really liking it. Unfortunately, that’s not how the real world works. She’ll Be Upset “She’ll get upset if you force her into something” When you pull out a new stunt, especially one that she’s already turned down or will put her in an awkward spot, she’s going to get absolutely pissed at you. She’s already made it clear that she’s not into this sort of thing and now you’ve completely gone against what she asked you not to do. It makes you look like a total dick that doesn’t care about her feelings. What’s even worst, you’re totally wrong on this one.…

Why You Should Just Surprise Her with Something New in Bed

“Try out some new positions” Not everyone has the same sort of kinks, or even the same style of having sex. Some people dig the slow sensual stuff while others might be into the truly weird. No matter what you like, chances are you’ll end up finding someone who has at least a slightly different sexual palette than you do. When you start getting serious into your bedroom routine, you might be inclined to try something new. She might shoot you down or you might be afraid, but whatever it is its just not going to happen. So instead of going through all of that trouble with asking, you should just do it. Surprise, different sex! It Will Be a Surprise Obviously she’s going to be surprised if you do something like this, but that’s sort of the whole point. When she has time to go through and think about what you’ve proposed, she can find all sorts of reasons to say no. She doesn’t think it will be comfortable; it would be embarrassing if anyone found out, or she just doesn’t want to put that much effort in. Whatever the reason, she just doesn’t want to do it. You don’t get to try anything new sexually and it’s not…

Why Women Keep Rejecting You Right Away

Being rejected is one of the most frustrating parts of hitting the dating scene and trying to hook up with women. It can be so upsetting that you might even be tempted to give up altogether, especially if you seem to get rejected right off the bat more often than not. If you’re getting rejected that often, there is probably a very good reason for it – but before you get too upset, know that there is almost always a way to fix it. Knowing the common reasons why women reject guys right away will help you make a change in the behaviors that may be causing trouble for you. You’re Coming on Too Strong “She doesn’t want you to come close yet” One of the most common reasons that women reject guys is because they’re coming on too strong. Being too pushy or too confident can make a woman uncomfortable, so you want to avoid this at all costs. However, you’re probably not doing this on purpose, which means that it may be difficult to correct. It can be difficult to find the balance and know how to approach women, but if you’re trying too hard to come up with an overly unique icebreaker, this is a good sign…

Why Scoring Her Number Might Not Mean Anything

Getting a woman’s number is seen as one of the Holy Grails of dating and hooking up. Once you get a woman’s phone number, you might think that you’re in the clear and well on your way to hooking up. Sadly, this isn’t always the case. Getting a girl’s number might not really mean anything at all in the long run, and it certainly doesn’t mean that you are going to get laid. Realizing why getting a woman’s number doesn’t mean much in the long run will help you demand more from the women that you meet to increase your chances of getting a date or one night stand. It Could Be a Fake Number “She might be giving you a fake number” Just because a woman hands you a number doesn’t mean that she’s interested in you, and fake numbers can be the easiest way for her to deal with your interest. Women hand out fake numbers for any variety of reasons, but it can be seriously upsetting to have your hopes up only to realize it wasn’t real. There are several ways to work around being given a fake number. First, you should find out the common fake numbers that women give out so that you can recognize…

What to Do When Her Trim Isn’t So Fresh

One night stands can be amazing. You’re with a sexy lady who’s totally new to you and absolutely ready for all of the nasty things you’re going to do to her tonight. The clothes start flying off and you get down to business. Being the gentleman you are, you decide to go downtown on her nether regions. The problem comes when you can smell her trim before you reach her knees. You can’t turn back now; you’ll look like a massive asshole and have to tell her that she stinks, guaranteeing that you won’t get laid. So what’s a guy to do? Take it to the Shower “Have sex in the shower” The shower is every school boy’s sexual fantasy setting. You may redirect your kisses from her vag to her thighs first. Otherwise she’ll assume you want to go to get wet because, you’ve got it; she stinks. Kiss her all over and then tell her you have a surprise. Get the shower started before you take her in so she won’t have to wait. Then she’ll get clean and you’ll have a fun wet time in the shower. Get Some Scented Lube “Scented lube will make you both feel comfortable” Sex isn’t as naughty of a topic as…

Using Cologne the Right Way

Cologne is not a perfume for men. Cologne is a man’s signature scent. It lingers in a woman’s mind long after you’ve parted. Cologne is the reason that women want to wear your jacket or stick closer to you when you’re waiting for the right moment to put your arm around her. When you use cologne the right way you’ll have a woman eating out of your hand. Cologne is your secret weapon. Entice Not Overpower “Wear cologne to smell good” When you’re putting on cologne you’re trying to entice a woman. You don’t want to overpower her with a heavy scent. You don’t want drown out any other smell in a ten foot radius. You want to have a pleasant, light stimulation of her senses. Cologne is a concentrated, powerful substance, so you don’t even want to apply it directly to your skin. Spray it into the air in front of you and walk into the cloud. That gives you an even spread over your clothes. You won’t be overpowering, and she also won’t notice that there’s a huge concentration in one spot. Not a Deodorant A very common mistake that men make is thinking that cologne can double as deodorant. This is just flat out not true. If…

Tips to Prevent You from Sounding Boring

Trying to work up the courage to speak to a woman can be difficult. However, there are few things worse than actually being courageous enough to talk to a woman only to have her lose interest in you because you give off the impression that you’re boring. When you want to avoid a woman assuming that you’re boring, there are a few things you can do to help you out. Don’t Talk About Your Pets “She is not interested in your pets” Some of us really love our pets. Talking about your pets is okay as long as you do it briefly. When you start talking about your pets and keep going on and on about them, women will start to think that you are both boring and lonely. When speaking about your pets, you can do things like mention their names, what type of pet they are, and what breed they are, but leave it there. If you have a good story behind how you acquired your pet, or if you think telling her that you rescue kittens on the weekends will win you plus points, go for it. However, make sure you have something other to talk about than your pets. Don’t Talk About Your Ex Talking about…

Three Signs You’re Doing Flirting Wrong

“I am sorry, I did not said it to you” Flirting isn’t as difficult as some guys like to make it seem. However, when it comes to trying to charm a woman, there are some definite signs that you may need to work on your technique. She’s Not Making Eye Contact with You Women like to let us know when they’re interested in us. Even if she’s playing hard to get, you can still tell that she wants you as long as she’s looking into your eyes. When a woman looks into your eyes while you’re flirting with her, she’s silently telling you that you’re doing a good job at keeping her interest and that she wants you to keep it up. If you’re flirting with a woman and she’s looking everywhere else except your eyes, you may want to think quickly because she’s either losing interest in you or she never had any interest from the beginning. If you notice that a woman you’re flirting with isn’t looking you in the eyes, you need to think about changing up how you flirt. If you think you’ve offended her, apologize and immediately switch to a new topic. You’re Relying on Pick Up Lines The right pick up line doesn’t come…

The Conversation Trifecta That Will Get You Laid

The way to talk your way into a woman’s pants isn’t some cheesy one liner. It’s not the best pick up line you ever heard. It’s a careful blend of three topics of conversation that will dazzle her, impress her, and tug at her heartstrings. When you balance the conversation between these three points she’ll think so much of you that it’s a foregone conclusion that you’ll wind up at her place when the date’s over. Hard Hitting World Issues “Win her with your confidence and intelligence” Before you do anything else, you have to dazzle a woman with your intelligence. Even if she’s not an intellectual herself, that’s the kind of thing that impresses women. The easy part about this is that you don’t even have to do a lot of work. A quick google search will bring you the news of the day. Then you can just mention headlines as the topic progresses and she’ll be amazed that you know so much about what’s going on in the world. If she does know about the world than you thought that she did, you can’t go wrong with agreeing with her. Just nod along, say that she reflects your views. If she asks you questions, just say that it’s…

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