Women You Should Avoid Hooking up with or Dating

Hitting the dating scene can often be difficult enough when you’re going after all the women in the bars and clubs equally, so you might not want to impose any kind of restrictions on the women you pursue. However, it can really be to your benefit to keep an eye out for certain types of women when you start trying to hook up. There are some types of women that you just really want to avoid hooking up with or dating, because they can become seriously annoying and cause you big problems down the line. Knowing what to keep an eye out for will help you avoid big trouble later on.

Women Who Seem Overly Clingy

“Beware of clingy women”

Women who seem particularly clingy right off the bat are not going to be good for you, whether you want to date or just hook up. A woman who is clingy might just seem affectionate at first, but she can quickly become trouble for you. You can usually spot a clingy woman fairly easily. Once she likes you, she will not leave you alone. This can manifest as physical clinging to you, hanging on your every word, responding to every text, or messaging you constantly. No other type of woman can be quite as annoying quite as quickly, so it’s in your best interests to avoid hooking up with a clingy woman before she takes over every aspect of your life.

Avoid Drama Queens

“She is creating a drama out of nothing”

Women who are drama queens can ruin your life if you cross them. Avoid women who seem to overreact to simple things, since they usually fit the bill of drama queen. If a woman is particularly loud and outspoken and exaggerates everything, this is usually a strong indicator as well. Women who are overdramatic will respond to every fight or disagreement like the end of the world, and she may even end up dragging your friends into the fray. If you value the way your life is currently, you should avoid spending much time with a drama queen because it can end in major disaster. Breakups will be messier than ever and she can cause a world of hurt just by being in your life, so it’s best to stay away.

Forgoing the Shy Wallflower

Sometimes shy girls can be cute, but they’re usually not worth dating if you want to hook up with an exciting woman. It can take a major effort to get a wallflower to come out of her shell, and it’s not always worth the time and trouble. Shy girls aren’t going to be as lively in bed, either, which is probably not what you’re looking for if you want to have a one night stand or casual relationship. It can usually wind up being a long process to get a shy girl to open up to you, and you’re probably not up for the task. Try and go for the more outgoing women, since they’re not going to need your help in order to open up and be adventurous in bed.

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