Why You Shouldn’t Just Surprise Her with Something New in Bed

When you’re in a relationship of any sort (committed, open, purely sexual) it can eventually get boring. You find out in the beginning that sex is amazing, and then you just keep having that awesome sex. Even awesome things get boring when you do them hundreds of times over. You might be tempted to introduce some new material into your routine, but she’s purely rooted I what’s going on. She might even tell you that she’s not bored. Whatever the reason, you’ve been cut off from Adventure Town. So you might be thinking that you can sort of just surprise her with something new and she’ll end up really liking it. Unfortunately, that’s not how the real world works.

She’ll Be Upset

“She’ll get upset if you force her into something”

When you pull out a new stunt, especially one that she’s already turned down or will put her in an awkward spot, she’s going to get absolutely pissed at you. She’s already made it clear that she’s not into this sort of thing and now you’ve completely gone against what she asked you not to do. It makes you look like a total dick that doesn’t care about her feelings. What’s even worst, you’re totally wrong on this one.

She Won’t Trust You Anymore

Having sex with someone isn’t just a way of saying hello. You have to work hard to get in her pants, even if she was a one night stand situation at first. Something about you impressed her enough to convince her that you are worthy of her glorious trim. Now you’ve taken that gift and shat on it. If someone came up to you and gave you a free ice cream cone and then smacked it out of your hand when you went to eat it, would you trust them if they gave you another one? No, they might smack it out of her hand. She isn’t going to trust you for a while, in bed or out.

You’ll Be Cut Off

Even if you’re a jerk who doesn’t care about her feelings, surely you care about sex in general with her. She’s giving you sex fairly regularly now, even if you’re bored it’s still there. Well if you shove something into her that shouldn’t be there or poke the wrong hole on “accident” then she’s not going to have sex with you again. Who knows how long it will be. Women are way better at guys when playing this game, so you’re either going to lose or cheat. Neither of those options are worth trying a move from left field.

You Could Hurt Her

“You might hurt her in the process of trying something new”

Alright, not to get all Officer Safety on you here, but if you just try something without asking her, you can cause some serious pain, on the inside and out. Sure, her feelings will be betrayed, but what’s worse than that is, let’s say, ripping her asshole by trying some surprise anal. Yeah, ripping assholes, that sounds fun. You can knock out a tooth if you drop her from a weird sex move. Hell, you can drop her on her head. The possibilities for pain are endless.

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