Why You Should Just Surprise Her with Something New in Bed

“Try out some new positions”

Not everyone has the same sort of kinks, or even the same style of having sex. Some people dig the slow sensual stuff while others might be into the truly weird. No matter what you like, chances are you’ll end up finding someone who has at least a slightly different sexual palette than you do. When you start getting serious into your bedroom routine, you might be inclined to try something new. She might shoot you down or you might be afraid, but whatever it is its just not going to happen. So instead of going through all of that trouble with asking, you should just do it. Surprise, different sex!

It Will Be a Surprise

Obviously she’s going to be surprised if you do something like this, but that’s sort of the whole point. When she has time to go through and think about what you’ve proposed, she can find all sorts of reasons to say no. She doesn’t think it will be comfortable; it would be embarrassing if anyone found out, or she just doesn’t want to put that much effort in. Whatever the reason, she just doesn’t want to do it. You don’t get to try anything new sexually and it’s not good for a person to smother their needs and wants. So when you just bust it out she may actually end up really being into it. Keep in mind that “just busting it out” doesn’t mean that you’re getting all rapey. If she says no, you knock that shit off. But if she doesn’t, well then look at you getting what you want.

You’ll Look Spontaneous

“Add some excitement to your relationship”

Routine can get boring faster than just about anything else. If you haven’t brought up a specific new sex act that you want to try, you can use it the next time you’re in bed and come off as being really spontaneous. Instead of going doggy style into missionary and then finishing with cowgirl, break out the large bee or the handcuffs. Whatever it is, you can always just say that you felt inspired and in the moment. Not that you’ve been thinking about doing this for weeks.

It Will Get Her to Open Up

When you just bust out a brand new move and she likes it, it’s actually going to get her to open up (maybe physically, maybe mentally, maybe both). She obviously wasn’t feeling very adventurous about sex before, but maybe all she needed was a guide into the world of the weirder side. After going at it and finding out that yeah, there are new things that need to be explored, she can open her mind up to the idea of trying new things together with you. Then you’re going to be a beacon of ideas instead of the guy who’s bothering her for all of these fetishes she’s never heard of before. Hopefully she’ll come up with something of her own to bring to you the next time she’s ready to be daring. Keep some of the old stuff, but always brainstorm for the next bold move.

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