Why Scoring Her Number Might Not Mean Anything

Getting a woman’s number is seen as one of the Holy Grails of dating and hooking up. Once you get a woman’s phone number, you might think that you’re in the clear and well on your way to hooking up. Sadly, this isn’t always the case. Getting a girl’s number might not really mean anything at all in the long run, and it certainly doesn’t mean that you are going to get laid. Realizing why getting a woman’s number doesn’t mean much in the long run will help you demand more from the women that you meet to increase your chances of getting a date or one night stand.

It Could Be a Fake Number

“She might be giving you a fake number”

Just because a woman hands you a number doesn’t mean that she’s interested in you, and fake numbers can be the easiest way for her to deal with your interest. Women hand out fake numbers for any variety of reasons, but it can be seriously upsetting to have your hopes up only to realize it wasn’t real. There are several ways to work around being given a fake number. First, you should find out the common fake numbers that women give out so that you can recognize it if you hear one. Secondly, repeat the number back to her, but change a few digits. Usually, if it is her real number, she will correct your mistake. If it’s a fake number, she may not notice that you got it wrong and won’t bother correcting you.

She Might Not Respond to Your Texts and Calls

“She’s not going to pick your call.”

Just because you have her real number doesn’t mean that you’ll actually get anywhere with it. She may ignore your texts and calls entirely, which can be just as frustrating as being given a fake number. If this happens, it may be because you contacted her too quickly and came off as desperate. Try backing off for a while and then sending her fewer messages. She might be busy, or she may not have gotten any of them. Don’t give up hope even if she ignores you, since there could be a good reason behind it.

She Might Already Have a Boyfriend

It’s entirely possible that a woman will give you her number when she has no intention of talking to you or going out with you, especially if she has a boyfriend. She may just be trying to make him jealous, or she may have just wanted you to get off of her back. Either way, if you find out that she already has a girlfriend then you will probably want to end the contact as quickly as possible. You don’t need to waste your time with a woman who ultimately will have no interest in you, and you don’t want to be any woman’s sloppy seconds or rebound relationship. Take care when you get a woman’s number and try to find out all the possible reasons behind why it might not mean anything, and your experience with dating will be much better.

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