What to Do When Her Trim Isn’t So Fresh

One night stands can be amazing. You’re with a sexy lady who’s totally new to you and absolutely ready for all of the nasty things you’re going to do to her tonight. The clothes start flying off and you get down to business. Being the gentleman you are, you decide to go downtown on her nether regions. The problem comes when you can smell her trim before you reach her knees. You can’t turn back now; you’ll look like a massive asshole and have to tell her that she stinks, guaranteeing that you won’t get laid. So what’s a guy to do?

Take it to the Shower

“Have sex in the shower”

The shower is every school boy’s sexual fantasy setting. You may redirect your kisses from her vag to her thighs first. Otherwise she’ll assume you want to go to get wet because, you’ve got it; she stinks. Kiss her all over and then tell her you have a surprise. Get the shower started before you take her in so she won’t have to wait. Then she’ll get clean and you’ll have a fun wet time in the shower.

Get Some Scented Lube

“Scented lube will make you both feel comfortable”

Sex isn’t as naughty of a topic as it used to be. Back in the day it would be hard to find lube that worked, let alone something that actually tasted good. But now sex stores have started carrying stuff that has a flavor. So while your girl might still stink you can at least cover it up a little bit with your favorite choice. Vanilla, chocolate, and cinnamon are always better options than tuna. She won’t think that you’re trying to get rid of a stinky smell. Instead she’ll think that you’re getting really into it with her. Women often need lube to have sex anyway, so maybe you’re actually just being really considerate. She’ll never know the difference.

Get Her to Shave

If this is someone you might be sleeping with a few times then you can have some sort of influence on her how her trim smells. Casually mention that you really like it when women shave. This is something that she can really easily do but it doesn’t give away the fact that you think she stinks. Shaving obviously takes away all of those curly pubes, that’s sweat normally gets caught in. Once the curls have come off, so will the sweaty scent.

Give Her Water

Again, this really works better if you’re having an affair with the woman. When you’re out on dates or just generally spending time together give her as much water as you can. It doesn’t matter if you have to say that you’re just really into hydration, get her to drink it. Doing this flushes out her system more and will help water down the nasty smell that you’ve had to deal with.

If you’re truly unprepared and can’t find a way out of it, you may just need to man up and plug your nose when you head downtown. It won’t be pleasant, but spending a few minutes there will get her way more into the mood.

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