Using Cologne the Right Way

Cologne is not a perfume for men. Cologne is a man’s signature scent. It lingers in a woman’s mind long after you’ve parted. Cologne is the reason that women want to wear your jacket or stick closer to you when you’re waiting for the right moment to put your arm around her. When you use cologne the right way you’ll have a woman eating out of your hand. Cologne is your secret weapon.

Entice Not Overpower

“Wear cologne to smell good”

When you’re putting on cologne you’re trying to entice a woman. You don’t want to overpower her with a heavy scent. You don’t want drown out any other smell in a ten foot radius. You want to have a pleasant, light stimulation of her senses. Cologne is a concentrated, powerful substance, so you don’t even want to apply it directly to your skin. Spray it into the air in front of you and walk into the cloud. That gives you an even spread over your clothes. You won’t be overpowering, and she also won’t notice that there’s a huge concentration in one spot.

Not a Deodorant

A very common mistake that men make is thinking that cologne can double as deodorant. This is just flat out not true. If you smell then you’re still going to smell when you slap cologne over the top. Cologne is just the icing on the cake. If you work a physical job and you smell like a warthog at the end of the day, you should shower. Cologne is not the solution that you need. In fact, many colognes mix unpleasantly with human sweat. You might wind up smelling worse than you would have if you’d just skipped the cologne and applied a fresh layer of deodorant.

Pick a Cologne that Goes With Your Style

“Choose cologne that justifies your style”

It’s not enough to just like the way cologne smells. This is supposed to cement your image. If you’re a big, burly guy than you shouldn’t take the cologne that smells like citrus even if that one smells good. If you’re a business man, you should tend to the colognes that smell “clean”, like linens, cottons, and colognes that try to imitate the “fresh” idea. A biker gets away with something rich and spicy, with a heavier scent.
The ultimate rule of cologne is that less is more. If you can still smell it strongly after a few hours of wear, that’s too strong. If you want to avoid overpowering people you should stick to a cologne that you have to reapply at lunch and then a half hour before you date. If it lasts all day that means that for more of the day it is too strong.
When used with care, cologne is the cherry on top of how you present yourself. Avoid the cloying, heavy scents that are favored by old men. It’s always better to go understated and too bold in this area, so feel free to try a lighter scent that focuses on smelling pleasant but bland. It will still be interesting enough to impress a woman.

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