Tips to Prevent You from Sounding Boring

Trying to work up the courage to speak to a woman can be difficult. However, there are few things worse than actually being courageous enough to talk to a woman only to have her lose interest in you because you give off the impression that you’re boring. When you want to avoid a woman assuming that you’re boring, there are a few things you can do to help you out.

Don’t Talk About Your Pets

“She is not interested in your pets”

Some of us really love our pets. Talking about your pets is okay as long as you do it briefly. When you start talking about your pets and keep going on and on about them, women will start to think that you are both boring and lonely. When speaking about your pets, you can do things like mention their names, what type of pet they are, and what breed they are, but leave it there. If you have a good story behind how you acquired your pet, or if you think telling her that you rescue kittens on the weekends will win you plus points, go for it. However, make sure you have something other to talk about than your pets.

Don’t Talk About Your Ex

Talking about your ex is the worst thing you can do while talking to women. While women may be fully aware that you have an ex, they do not want to constantly hear about her. Some women will think that you still haven’t gotten over you ex. Other women will think that if you are speaking badly about your ex then you will do the same thing about her if the two of you end up dating and things don’t work out. Some women even find it personally insulting when you mention another women in their presence. When you speak about your ex, it means that the woman you’re talking to doesn’t have your full attention. When this happens, it tells women that you’re not really interested and they won’t want to bother with you.

Don’t Talk About Your Job (Unless It’s Cool)

“Keep your office out of your date”

Unless you have a really cool job, you should avoid talking about it a lot when chatting with women that you’re interested in. When you constantly talk about your job, it makes women think that you don’t do anything else besides work. This can obviously be seen as a negative for women as they may assume that you won’t have time for them. It may also make them think that you put your job is more important to you than anything else, and some women may feel uncomfortable with that. If your job is something that you’re passionate about, she will be able to tell by the way you speak about it. It is good to show your passion, but don’t linger too long. Let her know that there is more to you than work.

As long as you avoid doing these things, you shouldn’t have to worry about sounding boring when talking to women. Always check for facial expressions and gestures to see if she’s losing interest and quickly change topics if she is.

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