Three Signs You’re Doing Flirting Wrong

“I am sorry, I did not said it to you”

Flirting isn’t as difficult as some guys like to make it seem. However, when it comes to trying to charm a woman, there are some definite signs that you may need to work on your technique.

She’s Not Making Eye Contact with You

Women like to let us know when they’re interested in us. Even if she’s playing hard to get, you can still tell that she wants you as long as she’s looking into your eyes. When a woman looks into your eyes while you’re flirting with her, she’s silently telling you that you’re doing a good job at keeping her interest and that she wants you to keep it up. If you’re flirting with a woman and she’s looking everywhere else except your eyes, you may want to think quickly because she’s either losing interest in you or she never had any interest from the beginning.

If you notice that a woman you’re flirting with isn’t looking you in the eyes, you need to think about changing up how you flirt. If you think you’ve offended her, apologize and immediately switch to a new topic.

You’re Relying on Pick Up Lines

The right pick up line doesn’t come often, but doesn’t stop hundreds of men from using them every chance they get. The problem with pick up lines is that most women have already heard them from at least three different men before hearing it from you. When you’re trying to attract a woman at a club, bar, or even online, pick up lines are a surefire way of letting her know that you know nothing about flirting. If you can find a pick up line that you’re certain that she has never heard, go for it. If not, erase every pick up line you’ve ever heard outside of your mind. They aren’t going to do you any good. The only time a bad pick up line can work in your favor is if the women you’re trying to meet have a great sense of humor and know that you’re using the pick up line in a joking manner, rather than a serious one.

She’s Gets Distracted or Excuses Herself

“I have to go as I just remembered some important work back home”

If a woman is looking down at her cellphone or excusing herself to the restroom while you are trying to flirt with her, it’s almost certain that you’re doing a bad job at flirting. When a man has grabbed ahold of a woman’s interest, she doesn’t let anything come in her way of chatting with him. The next time you’re flirting with a woman and she’s looking down at her phone as if willing it to ring, or fleeing to the bathroom and staying in there longer than necessary, she’s probably hoping you take the hint and leave.

If you’re not having any luck with woman, take a moment to think about how you go about flirting with them. If you notice that women are doing any of these things when you talk to them, you may need to change up how you flirt to better your chances of meeting women.

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