The Conversation Trifecta That Will Get You Laid

The way to talk your way into a woman’s pants isn’t some cheesy one liner. It’s not the best pick up line you ever heard. It’s a careful blend of three topics of conversation that will dazzle her, impress her, and tug at her heartstrings. When you balance the conversation between these three points she’ll think so much of you that it’s a foregone conclusion that you’ll wind up at her place when the date’s over.

Hard Hitting World Issues

“Win her with your confidence and intelligence”

Before you do anything else, you have to dazzle a woman with your intelligence. Even if she’s not an intellectual herself, that’s the kind of thing that impresses women. The easy part about this is that you don’t even have to do a lot of work. A quick google search will bring you the news of the day. Then you can just mention headlines as the topic progresses and she’ll be amazed that you know so much about what’s going on in the world.

If she does know about the world than you thought that she did, you can’t go wrong with agreeing with her. Just nod along, say that she reflects your views. If she asks you questions, just say that it’s complicated. You’re not quite sure if you would do it justice if you explained it. Still, when she looks it up maybe she could call you and the two of you could have a better conversation about it. Just make it sound like you’re not a good teacher, but you’re good at discussing the underlying issues.

Humanizing Sap

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“Talk about your family and show that you are a caring person”

Talk about your grandma, your pets, and how much you love your friends. This bland, humanizing sap is like the human interest stories on the news. Where the world news makes her think that you’re smart, this will make her think that you’re emotionally available and interesting. Women love to feel like the man they’re interested in is opening up and showing her his true self beneath the tough guy act. Even if you don’t actually have a softer side, you should make something up so that she’ll think that you do and she’s seeing what it is.

The flip side is that you should ask the same of her. As annoying as it can be to talk about her cats for half an hour, you’re getting major brownie points. It’ll be worth it in the end.

Adventurous Tales of Your Exploits

You need to make yourself seem exciting. Even if you don’t usually do a lot of interesting things, now’s your chance to change that. You can reach out and make her feel like she’s part of some big adventure. Focus on the more exciting things you do, and imply that she could be part of it. Offer to take her hiking sometime, or teach her to fish. Or you could back off the physicality and instead offer to take her to a great restaurant she’s never tried before because she should broaden her palate.
When you keep things focused on these three topics in rotation you’re painting a great picture of yourself that’s sure to melt her heart and ease off her pants.

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