Telling Creative Lies to Get More Hookups

“Tell her that she is the only one you love”

Hooking up with women can be nerve wracking if you’re particularly shy and not used to having extended conversations with women. Being nervous about having conversations with women can ruin your chances at hooking up, so if you want to improve your game you need to figure out how to be more confident. For some guys, lying to women about their hobbies and lives can actually increase their confidence and make them more comfortable talking to women. Knowing how and why you may want to try coming up with some creative lies when you talk to women can help you improve your chances at hooking up.

Why It Might Help You

It may seem wrong to you to tell lies to a woman you want to sleep with, but it can actually help you immensely, and if you do it right then you won’t really be causing any harm at all. Lying about yourself when you talk to women can make you much more confident about talking to them. After all, if you tell them something that isn’t true and they seem disinterested or they laugh at you, then it wasn’t really you that they were rejecting. It might seem strange, but presenting a fake self can actually make you more confident about your real self, which can be a great help if you’re self-conscious when talking to women.

What Kind of Lies to Tell

The best kind of lie to tell about yourself is one that isn’t very far removed from reality. You want to make yourself sound more appealing, so consider only telling lies that emphasize your achievements instead of making up entirely false happenings. The more elaborate your lies becomes, the more likely you are to accidentally let slip that it’s not the truth. It’s for the best that you keep things relatively simple so that there’s no real chance of her finding out that it isn’t the truth. You may want to lie about your past and make it slightly more glamorous or exciting, but don’t try to go for a really elaborate and over the top lie that she may be able to easily refute.

When You Shouldn’t Lie

“Don’t lie when there are chances that you might get caught”

When you decide to make up lies to tell women that you want to hook up with, you need to remember your boundaries first and foremost. Don’t lie to women you want to have an actual relationship. However, if you just plan on sleeping with her once and then parting ways, it should be fine. Basing an entire relationship upon lies is an extremely bad idea, and even if you were only lying about inconsequential details, she’s bound to feel betrayed when she finds out the truth. Stick to lying to women that you don’t plan on spending very much time with, because that way chances are that she will never find out that you weren’t being honest. Try not to make a habit of lying all the time, either, since this can become harmful if you let it.

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