Sounding Intelligent without Seeming Pretentious

While guys tend to pursue women for purely physical aspects, women tend to be attracted to guys based on vaguer attributes like wealth, confidence, or intelligence. Women tend to gravitate towards guys who seem very intelligent, even when they just want to hook up or date casually. This might be strange to you, but it’s time to bust out your knowledge and make yourself seem particularly intelligent so you can attract more women and really stand out from all of the other guys. However, it’s important to know how to seem intelligent without coming off as pretentious or douchey so that you don’t drive women away.

Keeping It on an Even Level

When you want to showcase your intelligence, you need to be careful not to lord your knowledge over the woman you’re talking to. There’s no faster way to drive a woman away than to make her feel inferior, so you have to keep things on an even, easy level when you talk to her. Don’t try to dumb things down for her, but do everything in your power to avoid seeming superior or making her feel particularly stupid. Women certainly like smarter guys, but they don’t want to feel stupid when they talk to you, either. Try not to use your intelligence as a weapon against her, either. Just because she doesn’t know something doesn’t mean you should hold it against her.

Letting Her Have Her Say

“Take decisions together”

It’s important that you don’t wind up having a one-sided conversation with the woman you’re talking to. Do not spend the entire time just talking about what you know and what your opinions are. Give the woman you’re talking to a chance to give you her input as well, or else she’s not going to be particularly impressed with you. Letting her have her say and place in the conversation will make her appreciate you and your intelligence that much more. Remember that even if you disagree with her opinion, it’s important to let her have her say about it. Try not to argue with her about something unless she seems up for a spirited debate, and never belittle her for her opinion. You wouldn’t want someone else to do it to you, so don’t do it to her.

Never Assume What She Knows or Doesn’t Know

“Assuming the wrong thing can put you in trouble”

Assuming that a woman just won’t know something that you want to talk about is a big mistake. You might be surprised by what she knows, even if she looks like she’s more into glitz and glam than academic conversations. There’s no better way to drive a woman off than to act like she couldn’t possibly know what you’re talking about. On the flip side, make sure not to assume that she might know something that you’re talking about already. You may have to simplify things a bit to get your idea across, so don’t bowl her over with technical jargon unless you want her to tune out and stop paying attention to her. Find a good balance and you should be set.

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