Sexy Clothes That You Can Wear for Her

“Impress her with your clothes”

The world isn’t fair at all. There’s sexism every that you turn, towards women and men. Women aren’t promoted as fast as men, don’t earn enough, and are often treated like sexual objects. Men may not deal with the job and money stuff, or really the sexual object bit either, but you know what? We don’t have sexy clothes. It’s not as upsetting as money and social rights, but it still sucks. Women get all sorts of sexy lingerie things to wear for us, and at most we get man thongs. There’s nothing wrong with those if you’re into that sort of thing, but for us that aren’t it really limits our options. Fear not, you can still wear some man lingerie for her. You just have to get a bit creative while you do it.

A Suit

Guys, a suit is by far the most effective lady killer that you can get. The key is that it has to be a well fitted one. All of the fancy men in Hollywood wear them to the premieres and whatnot, and everyone says how amazing they look. Do a search online for what a woman wants to see a man in and most likely it will be the suit. Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Neil Patrick Harris, and countless other guys have donned the suit as part of their style and have gotten serious props for it. You don’t have to show off a lot of skin to be sexy for her, fellas.


Flannel used to be for lumberjacks, now it’s for everyone. But thanks to our lumberjack forefathers there is a very manly image that’s associated with it. Wearing plaid, boots, and some faded jeans will pretty much be the sexiest yet comfortable ting that you can wear for her. She’ll like that you are sweaty and man-scented, so you don’t even have to shower.

Boxer Briefs

“She’ll be excited to see you like this”

Boxer briefs aren’t worn by most men, and that’s a shame. They’re comfortable, keep your junk in place, and show off your body. That last reason is why women love to see guys in them. The closer fit to your body shows off your man ass and muscular thighs. Even skinny guys have nice legs, but women don’t notice them when they’re drowning inside of boxers. Be aware, there is a dark side to boxer briefs. Someone thought that it would be funny to put an elephant trunk or some other phallic object on them. It’s not sexy in the slightest, so never, ever buy these.

Anything That You Feel Confident In

As we said earlier there really isn’t one particular ting that men wear that can drive the ladies wild in an instant. But when you find something that you’re confident in, that will be what makes them feel like jumping your bones. It doesn’t matter if it’s an old t shirt or some really comfy boxers, if you rock them they will rock you. Just try to make sure they’re at least somewhat good-looking on you.

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