Sensual Bedroom Activities to Keep Her Coming Back for More

“Give her what she needs”

Men have the tendency to get really excited when there are naked women around. Essentially we pop a boner and put it in. Jerk around for a little while and we’re done. But that’s not going to win any awards with the ladies. Sure, you can always throw in a little bit of rubbing foreplay, but again, there’s no effort. If you really want to make a lady come back for more you’ve got to put some more effort in. The math works. Going down on her will show that you care, but the real ticket is actually pulling out some sensual moves. That’s right; it’s the slow stuff that’s going to make her want to come back for more.


“Go for long smooches”

Kissing is something that’s often overlooked. When we were teens we dreamed of making-out with beautiful women. Sure, we wanted to feel them up while we’re at it, but the basis of that desire always started with kissing. Somewhere that got lost after puberty, so let’s bring it back. Kissing her takes time, but it shouldn’t be a chore. Kiss her slowly and deeply, make her think you’re one of those romance novel heroes who are trying to memorize her lips or whatever they say. Using the right amount of tongue and pressure can actually make her dizzy (in a good way). But the show doesn’t stop there. After you’ve kissed her lips, move down. Her body loves kissing just as much as her lips do. Spend some time on her ears, collar bones, neck, etc. Then you get to have some fun at her rack. Once you’ve kissed her all over then you can start going in for the gold between her legs. Romancing her with your lips shouldn’t be boring or too fast. Take your time and let her enjoy herself.


This isn’t exactly overlooked, but it’s definitely under done. Massages are not fun for the person who’s giving them. You have to use your muscles to rub her in just the right way and if it’s too slow or too hard she’ll tell you about it. But if you can get the right combination down then you will unlock her in ways that you didn’t think were possible. Use some lotion, or better yet, massage oil to really get things going. Apply it liberally and start on her shoulders and neck. The body carries so much tension in it that even if she was feeling up for sex, she might not be feeling relaxed. Getting rid of that stress will only allow her to focus completely on what’s happening in the moment. Take the extra step and get yourself a soy massage candle. They burn to give off a nice scent and some serious atmosphere while creating oil that is heated for your massage.

Taking your time in the bedroom and really letting her know that all of your attention is on her will be more than enough to keep her coming back for more. She knows that you’re there to take care of her needs, so she’ll definitely want to take care of yours.

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