Preparing for the First Time With a New Woman

If it’s been a while since you last dated or hooked up with a woman, you may not be sure how to prepare yourself to sleep with her for the first time. It can be nerve wracking or it can be exciting enough to make you anxious. No matter how you feel, there are things you should do before you have sex with a new woman in your life. Keeping these things in mind will help you have the best experience possible and definitely increase your chances at getting another chance to sleep with her.

Temper Your Expectations

“Do not have too many expectations about your hook-up”

If you spend a long time thinking about what the experience is going to be like, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment and possibly even failure. It’s important that you don’t build up your expectations and imagine the entire scenario before it even happens. When you know that you’re going to be having sex with a new woman, try not to focus on the minute details or plan things out in your head. Things are invariably going to go down differently than you imagine, and if you spend too long planning things out chances are that you’ll flounder and not know what to do when it turns out differently. Take it easy and relax. Try not to have too many expectations in place before you sleep with her, or you could ruin the entire experience.

Taking It Slow

If it’s been a while since you last had sex, you will probably be tempted to jump right in and get satisfaction. You should definitely avoid this, especially since it’s going to be the first time you sleep with this woman. Taking things slow might be frustrating at times, but it will be worth it in this scenario. Take the time to explore her body and see how she reacts to different things. Getting to know what she likes will allow you to make sex better for her, which means that you’ll be much more likely to have a second chance at hooking up with her. Delaying your own satisfaction can make it even better in the end, too, so it’s definitely worth taking your time and going slowly to get comfortable with each other.

After the Sex

“Hug her for some time after having sex”

How you treat her after sex is just as important as the actual sex, at least in regards to your chances of hooking up with her again. Don’t flop over and go to sleep immediately, no matter how tempting it is. Take the time to give her what she wants and spend time with her while you both cool off. If she’s staying the night, make sure she has everything she needs to be comfortable, and make sure to treat her right in the morning to make her feel even more special. Treating her the right way after you’ve had sex can go a long way towards making her want to come back to you again and again, so it’s definitely worth putting the extra bit of effort in.

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