Popular Kinks that Will Get You Noticed Online

“Start with light bondage by using blindfolds”

With the overwhelming number of people on this planet, you might be tempted to forego human interaction and date online. Kudos! Dating online can be a fast and efficient way to get you a girlfriend, mistress, or a friend with benefits. But the problem is that there are so many guys online and not that many ladies, so you’re going to have to stand out in the crowd and get their attention somehow. Yeah, you can start off by having an attractive picture, but what will really get her is an impressive kink. It’s no secret that men want sex, so if you post about what kind you like no one is going to flag you for inappropriate behavior. IT’s only when you start using pictures. So use some descriptive writing to list some of these attention-getting kinks.

Light Bondage

The key here is that you’re listing it as light bondage. When you just use the second word, she’s going to think of gimp masks and whips. But the light version is going to be more reminiscent of Shades of Grey. That’s a novel that is literally all about a woman and a guy who have a serious submissive-dominant relationship….but a really sexy version. Even though he pulls her hair and humiliates her, she likes it so it’s totally okay. Women will be intrigued by your version of Mr. Grey’s techniques.


“Women love being spanked”

Surprisingly, this one form of dominance is the most popular among women. You don’t have to go into great detail about punish your girls and spanking them to show them who’s boss, but at least mentioning it will get them to notice. It’s so specific and non-threatening that women feel okay admitting that they like that sort of thing. A bonus tip is that if you do end up hooking up with a woman who’s into this, then you can buy her a spanking skirt. They’re leather skirts that are about mid-thigh to knee length. The back is completely cut out so her ass will be exposed for your hand.

Public Sex

This taboo way to have sex can turn some women on to the point of no return. They go absolutely wild. While sex in public has a different meaning to each person, it all means heading to the great outdoors to get it on. As a matter of fact, this fantasy is one of the most common ones for women to want to try, so even if she hasn’t done it yet, she might be down to take you up on your offer.


Not all women get turned on with the idea of watching other people have sex, that’s why porn isn’t really all that great. But quite a few of them would love to get down and dirty with themselves for a guy. You’ll notice that there are a he number of solo female porn videos, and that’s because it makes them feel sexy. Specifically saying that you love to watch a woman masturbate is an open invitation for her to send you a sexy video online.

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