Making Anal as Comfortable as Possible

It’s no secret that men love having anal sex with women. If they say they don’t, they either haven’t tried it or are just lying. It’s tight, unusual, and taboo which all add together to make one killer experience. But the trouble with anal isn’t that it’s in the butt, it’s that the butt doesn’t want us in there. So it fights us, therefore hurting the beautiful lady. But lucky we aren’t cavemen anymore and have figured out ways to make anal at least slightly more comfortable.

Lube, Lube, and Seriously More Lube

“You need lube to get in over there”

The number one, cardinal rule of doing it in the butt is to lube that sucker up. You seriously cannot have enough lube. If you are swimming in a pool of the stuff while you’re doing anal then you’ve barely got more than enough. Having more lube there will, you guessed it, lubricate the area. Your dick is bigger than her hole, so the math states that you have to have something to help it slip and slide it’s way inside. Otherwise you can risk the chance of tearing and ripping her up. When you see ladies not walking right after anal, that’s probably why.

Start Out Small

This doesn’t mean that you’ve got to shrink your dick, but you should use other parts of your body. Fingers are still bigger than her hole, but end up being a whole lot easier to fit in. Lube her up (yes, even just for fingers) and start off with your pinky finger. Then as she gets used to that you can move it on up. Even your biggest finger is smaller than your dick (probably), so feel free to get a small dildo or even an anal trainer’s kit to work your way up. All of the effort will pay off once you get in, we promise. And she’ll actually be more into the experience, so, enjoyment will be had by all.

Go Slow

“Go slow otherwise it might hurt”

If using a million quarts of lube is rule number one then this is a close second. Going slow will make it so much easier for her to take the first few times. Essentially she’s having a really hard reverse poop, which is even worst then a normal one. Imagine that happening and you’ll about have the right idea. You will probably think that you aren’t moving at all, but in fact you’re going at a snail’s pace. She will think that you’re not listening and actually stop you from moving. That’s because you’re not the one with a dick in your butt. Listen to her. You can always encouragingly talk to her and kiss her on the neck (if she likes it). The best thing to tell her would be to relax. When she’s experiencing all of this her muscles are going to tense up all over her body, including her anus. That’s only going to grip onto you even tighter, delaying the whole process. Once she relaxes and you go slowly, it shouldn’t be too difficult.

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