Kink First, Questions Later: How Focusing on Sex Will Get You a Better Relationship When You Want One

“Sexual compatibility is an important factor in almost all relationships”

The conventional dating wisdom is that you can choose blisteringly hot sex or you can choose a woman you have something in common with. Sometimes, you’re only looking for that next hookup. That’s fine, and it actually means that you’ll be in a better place when you want to actually settle down a little. Here’s why focusing on sex with your short term dating options (especially kinky sex!) will benefit you in the long run.

You’ll Know Your Options

The first way that you’ll be ahead of the curve when you start looking for a woman to be your Miss Right is that you’ll have already gotten a handle on the dating scene. There’s some difference between the hookup crowd and the long term dating pool, but you’ll be comfortable asking women out. You’ll have learned to read her signals. You’ll know the greatest date spots when you want to turn up the heat. You’ll be able to rush in and sweep her off her feet because you won’t be awkward around women. Overcoming your first date jitters is the hardest part of dating. Once you’ve had a few hookup dates under your belt you’ll be much more at ease in situations where your sex life isn’t on the line.

You Won’t Be Sex Obsessed

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“Having a good sex life will make you happy and satisfied”

If you go into a relationship you want to be long term when you have sex on the brain you’re going to mess it up. Relationships usually don’t start from one night stands, so if you really like a woman you’d be upping the odds of something long term happening if you kept yourself out of her bed for a couple of nights. If you haven’t gotten laid in a while that’s going to be very hard to do. You should take the time to enjoy a good sex life before you try to limit it to having a good sex life with one person. Instead of trying to get into bed with her as soon as possible, you can focus on convincing her that you’re not like the other men she knows.

Good Sex Is a Good Foundation

On the other hand, good sex is a good foundation for a relationship. If you and a kinky miss click really well there’s no reason not to try for more. It can be a little clunky at first, so open things up slowly. Start going out to dinner before or after your sessions. Learn more about her slowly so that you can decide if there really is a relationship worth pursuing there. There’s a tendency for men to slide into an emotional relationship from a sexual one. Just because you and she agree in the sack doesn’t mean that her habit of chewing with her mouth open isn’t going to be a deal breaker. Don’t rush into anything that you could regret.

Over all, if you’re still at the point where you want to have casual sex then you don’t have to feel bad about it. By indulging that side now you’re actually preparing yourself for later.

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