Is There an Age Limit to Hooking up Through Sex Ads

Does casual sex have an age limit? Most of the sex ads that are placed online have a wide age range to gather interest, but they’re typically posted by young people. If you’re a mature man, can you still answer sex ads? Or is that a young man’s scene? If you’re not sure whether or not a whole avenue of finding sex is lost to you, this article will help clear that up.

It’s a Younger Man’s Game

“Young men reply to sex ads more as compared to older ones”

It’s not a secret that answering sex ads is a young man’s game. Sexually aggressive young men tear up the sex ad scene, sending out dozens of responses a day and having a literal schedule of when they’re going to visit these eager ladies. Does that mean there’s no room for a mature man? Not at all! In fact, you’re going to stand out from the crowd because you’re not yet another carbon copy young 20s guy who doesn’t care if the woman has a good time. You just need to play to different strengths than a young man. Focus on experience. Make it clear that you have a satisfaction guaranteed policy. Show that you’re experiences and can do more for a woman than a young man who doesn’t last three minutes could do.

Don’t Be Afraid to Show a Pic

“Send her your picture if she asks for it”

Don’t be afraid to show off the goods if she asks you to. Unsolicited dick pics are never the4 way to go, but if she wants a taste before you show up in person then you can give it to her. Consider using an app like snapchat where the picture vanishes when it’s been viewed. This means that there’s no awkward evidence and you can still enjoy some sexting. The whole point of hooking up using these sex ads is to lose your inhibitions and do something that feels so good. If you’re already agreeing to meet up for no strings sex, what’s a picture on top of that? It’s nothing. Loosen up and enjoy yourself and you’ll find that women are more than interested in you.

Kinkiness Matters More

As you get older, experience matters to your sex life more and more. This is especially true about kinky sex. If you haven’t actually had much experience with kink you should read up online before you go into the kink community. These ladies tend to be more open-minded about who they have sex with. They’re interested in the whole experience, and not just the vanity side of casual sex. If you can convince her that you know how to do things and a regular guy can’t do for her you have a great chance of getting laid even if she was only looking for younger guys. Confidence is the key, so don’t be afraid to solicit younger women. You could teach her a lot.
It can be hard to answer a sex ad as an older man, but you should definitely be giving it a try. You can have a low turnaround time, which means that you can send out plenty of offers in a little time. It’s the most time efficient way to find sex.

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