Important Steps Towards Scoring a One Night Stand

Scoring a one night stand can seem extraordinarily difficult, but in reality it isn’t as impossible as you might think. Once you hit the dating scene, you may be surprised by how often you wind up taking a woman home or going home with her for the night. You may not be prepared for this level of success, which can wind up causing problems for you and may even ruin your chances at having a one night stand to begin with. Knowing how to be prepared for a one night stand is important, since it will help you have the best time you can possibly have and will prevent any awkward mishaps.

Always Be Prepared for Any Occasion

You never know when you might have a chance to hook up, so you always want to be prepared for anything. Make sure to have anything you need to hook up with you when you go out to bars or clubs, since you may wind up taking a woman home or going to her home even when you don’t expect to score that night. You may even wind up hooking up while you’re away from home or on a trip, so you should always be of the mentality that you should be prepared for anything. Nothing can ruin your chances at hooking up more quickly than not being prepared to have a one night stand, so make sure to keep everything you need with you.

Have Plenty of Protection and Lubrication

“Always keep a condom… you never know when you get a chance to get laid”

Having plenty of different types of protection on hand in your house or even in your wallet will be extremely important when you start hooking up with more women. You may not know this, but some women can actually be allergic to the main types of condoms, so you want to have a good variety of products on hand. You don’t want to lose the chance at hooking up with a woman because you only have one kind of condom and it winds up being something she can’t use. You should also have plenty of variety with your lubrication, especially if you’re taking her back home. She may be intolerant of certain types or she may need a special type, so try to pick up something for every possibility. Being well-stocked will help you immensely.

Keeping Things Casual

“Don’t get too attached to her”

It’s usually easy to keep one night stands from becoming awkward, but you need to make sure to keep things as casual as possible anyway. Don’t act like it is a big deal that you just had sex with her, and don’t act like you want to be clingy. Don’t try to make the morning after extremely romantic by making her a fancy breakfast in bed. The boundaries need to be clear and you need to make sure she knows that it was a one-time event. Nothing is more awkward than a fling who winds up sticking around because you give her the wrong impression, so do your best to make things as casual as possible.

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