How Your Geeky Hobbies Can Get You Laid

“Yes, this can actually happen with you”

If you are a nerd or geek, you might have had trouble getting women to appreciate your personal hobbies, and this might have led to you having bad luck with dating and hooking up in general. It’s time to start using your geeky hobbies to your advantage. Stop being ashamed of what you enjoy and stop worrying about women who will laugh you off for liking nerdy things. Your geeky habits and hobbies can actually help get you laid if you play your cards right, so learning how to make the best of your interests can only help you.

Finding Girls That Share Your Hobbies

The easiest way to get laid while still focusing on your geeky habits is to find women that actually share your hobbies. You might be surprised at how many women will actually share your interests once you start looking for them. You don’t need to settle for unattractive girls, either – there are some seriously hot women who are into geeky and nerdy things. Your best bet at finding like-minded women without driving yourself crazy is to start dating online. If you’re not particularly into the idea of meeting women online, then you may want to try going to more conventions and meet-ups for your favorite hobbies to meet women there.

How to Talk about Your Geeky Hobbies

“Make her understand your hobbies”

Knowing how to talk about what you’re passionate about is a surprisingly importance aspect when it comes to getting women to hook up with you. If you approach the hottest woman in the bar and then act like she isn’t intelligent enough to understand your hobbies, of course you’re not going to have any success. You want to include the women you talk to in the conversation and let them give you their input. Make sure to tell them the basics of your hobby without assuming that they won’t understand, and don’t dominate the conversation no matter what you do. Being able to talk about your geeky hobbies, without seeming like a jerk will actually get you laid more often, than you think. Women are always going to be interested in guys who are passionate about something.

Things to Avoid

More than anything, don’t get discouraged when you try to hook up with women. There are always going to be rejections and it’s always going to hurt, but you have to learn how to bounce back from rejection if you want to be successful when you hook up. Try not to focus too much on the women that reject you and instead move on to the next woman. You also want to avoid sounding stuck up or elitist about your hobbies. If a woman seems interested in what you’re passionate about, you should always try to include her and show her what you’re into. She may not be good at it right away, but you weren’t born being good at everything either. Be patient and teach her about your hobbies and you may be surprised by how often it will work out for you.

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