How to Date an Artist

Looking at past and contemporary artists, for a non-artistic outsider it will look a lot like all artists live in their own little world. They can be eccentric, some have trouble staying focused on one topic, and each has their own set of quirks you’ve most probably never encountered before. But this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try your luck with an artistic woman. If you know how to arrange yourself with her oddities, you’ll discover that her creativity goes beyond her medium of choice and can actually give your sex life a whole new twist.

The Flirting Phase

Artistic women aren’t automatically fashion victims, rather going with their own individual style, but they do have a critical eye when it comes to color and harmony. If you want to impress her, make sure that you dress in a way that doesn’t make her eyes hurt. This doesn’t mean being impeccably dressed in the latest fashions, just that everything should fit together and most importantly, you should wear it with confidence. When you’re conversing with her, don’t be afraid of going into topics that border on fantasy – that’s an artist’s main tool, after all. Artists are also very in-tune with their senses, depending on their medium and if you know she works on jewelry, then adapt your way of describing things to incorporate more visual and sensory cues. Just be careful when she shows you her work: some don’t deal well with criticism at all, while others don’t mind constructive input.

Picking a Date

"Go to an art gallery"

“Go to an art gallery”

While artists aren’t averse to going out for a normal date, you might want to check in first if she’s an extrovert or an introvert?. In the latter case, make sure to ask if she’s okay with going out into huge crowds and be sure to tell her that you won’t mind if she wants to leave early. However, you can even get an introvert artist out to tolerate large groups of people when you offer to take her on a date that is due to inspire her creative side. It can be an exhibition, a concert, a play or anything that is similarly expressive in creativity as she is. Doing this shows her that while you may not be artistic yourself, you don’t consider her art to be something for you to compete with in terms of attention, but as an essential element of her personality.

Taking Quirks with Stride

"Let her draw your sketch whenever she wants"

“Let her draw your sketch whenever she wants”

Sooner or later you’ll come across some of her quirks. She might always carry a sketchbook around and suddenly start sketching when something catches her fancy. If she enjoys photography, then you’ll find yourself stopping and waiting for her quite often. The point is that you understand that she’s not purposefully being rude or ignoring you. She saw something or had an idea and wants to capture it. Of course she won’t always start doing these things as she herself often knows when it’s a bad idea, but if she does at an inappropriate time, tell her why. Saying what she does is stupid and a waste of time on the other hand, will put you in her bad graces.

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