Hooking up with a Woman Who’s More Successful Than You

As a man, you’re probably used to being the more successful one in the relationship. It may be completely bizarre to you to wind up hooking up with a woman who is technically more successful than you. She may be richer, she may have a better job, and she may generally be in a better position in life. As society advances, this is going to become more and more common, so learning how to suck it up and get used to it will be important for your dating life. There’s no real reason to be intimidated by women who are more successful than you.

Keeping Your Ego in Check

It can be intimidating to hook up with a woman who’s more successful than you, and you may become defensive and uncomfortable because of it. It’s important not to let your ego get hurt by the fact that she’s more successful than you, however. If she realizes that you have an issue with how successful she is, she’s likely to take offense to it and not really want to stick around you for much longer. Women take their success very seriously and very personally, especially since it can sometimes be difficult for them to achieve it. Don’t let the fact that she’s well-off intimidate you or bruise your ego. Instead, view it as something you should be proud of by proxy, and make sure she knows it too.

Knowing How to Treat Her

“Celebrate her success as if it is your own”

It’s not as easy to spoil a woman if she’s better off than you are, but it can still be done. Just because she could probably easily afford the gifts you get her doesn’t mean she won’t appreciate it. Put thought into your presents and make sure that each of them is tailored to her interests. The fact that you thought about her enough to come up with a thoughtful present will be more than enough to make her feel good. It’s not about the money you spent, it’s about the sentimental value and the fact that you cared enough to buy something for her. Don’t let money be an issue to you and just go for what you think she will really enjoy.

What You Should Avoid

“Never let her know that you think her to be more successful”

Dating and hooking up with a more successful woman can be strange, so you need to know what to avoid. Never use her success as a weapon against her, and try not to bring it up at all unless you’re complimenting her about it. Similarly, don’t act in a way that makes her feel like you have an inferiority complex. You should try not to think about the difference between your rates of success or else you may find it beginning to really bother you. Instead, view her as an inspiration to make yourself succeed even more. If you ever discuss her success, try not to ever bring up her gender in relation to her position in life. This can be an extremely sensitive topic, and it’s really just best to stay as far away from it as you possibly can.

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