Habits that Will Turn Her Off Right Away

There are some habits that we have that we don’t even seem to realize. While harmless, a few of these habits tend to turn women off with very little chance of you redeeming yourself.

Picking Your Nails

“Don’t ever do that in front of a woman”

This habit isn’t nearly as bad as some habits out there, but for some reason it seems to annoy the crap out of women. We don’t know if it’s because it makes women assume that you aren’t interested or not, but many hate when a man picks at his nails. Admittedly, it probably does look like you’re bored and uninterested when you’re picking at your nails while someone is trying to talk to you. There is also a chance that the lack of eye contact while you’re staring down at your hands can be very off putting to women.

Instead of picking at your nails, we suggest that you keep a small bottle of hand sanitizer on you at all times. While hand sanitizer won’t clean the dirty from under your nails, it may stop the urge of you wanting to pick at them. If hand sanitizer isn’t your thing, you can also try keeping your hands behind your back while you’re talking to women. You can quickly try to pick at them while they are back there, but don’t keep them behind your back for too long. She may start to wonder what you’re doing, and she may even become uncomfortable by your strange behavior.

Cleaning Your Ears

You should avoid cleaning your ears while talking to women at all costs. Women find it completely disgusting when we have to clean our ears in front of them. Keep in mind that we’re not talking about using a Q-Tip to dig into your ear (although, you shouldn’t do that either). What we’re referring to is when you use your finger to dig into your ear or wipe around it. If you have allergies and have itchy inner ears, try your best to avoid digging into them or excuse yourself to the rest room. Do not use your allergies as a reason to dig into your ears. Even if she knows your reasoning, she will still be turned off.


“Spitting is the worst habit that turns off women”

This one is for the smokers out there. We understand that you have to have your cigarettes. Some women are generally okay with this. However, many women draw the line at your constant urge to spit. It probably goes back to traditional times when it was spitting was seen as obscene thing to do, especially in front of a lady. Also, it’s just plain gross. If you have to spit, you should try your best to do it when she isn’t around or is too preoccupied to notice or care.

These are just a few of the habits that turn women off, but it’s important to keep in mind that women are different and one habit may not be as annoying or disgusting to her as to other women. When in doubt, just try your best to avoid that particular habit until you know for sure.

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