Four Ways to Impress a Woman on a First Date

First dates are the hardest part of any relationship. Whether you asked her out in person or online, the tension is the same. This is your real first impression. Even veteran daters get jitters before their first dates, but you can combat these nerves by knowing that you have some sure fire ways to impress her in the bag. Keep these tips in your back pocket to make the date run smoothly and your nerves disappear.

Have a Set of Jokes

“Impress her by your sense of humor”

This might feel cheesy and forced, but people love jokes. Women love a man who can make her laugh, so before you go out find three to five great jokes and memorize them. You don’t have to tell them all at once; if possible, just slip them in any time the conversation begins to lag. You don’t want to give them all up at once, but for breaking tension nothing beats a good joke.

Super Hygiene

If you want to nix nerves and impress her all at once, take extreme care with your hygiene before you go out. Sure, you always shower and shave before a date, but if you take the time to get a hair trim, slap on a little cologne, and use a couple whitening strips the day of you’re going to blow her out of the water. Not only that, but you won’t have to worry about having broccoli in your teeth. The best way to fight nerves is with logic. If you know that you took extra care with your appearance, you can relax into the confidence that you deserve.

Know World News

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“Impress her with your intelligence”

Women love a well-informed man. You don’t have to bog the conversation down with hours and hours of deep, world news talk. However, casually mentioning things as the opportunity arises is the best way to impress her. You’ll sound smarter without even having to do anything; just do a quick online search for world news and read the headlines. After that, just agree with anything she says. You’ll be happy and look great and she won’t know that you don’t really know a thing about the politics of South East Asia, or wherever the headlines are coming from these days.

Ask Follow up Questions

Hands down the best way to impress a woman is to ask her follow up questions. Any man will ask her what she does for a living, etc. You’re going to show that you were paying attention by asking her questions about them. These should be light, casual, but specific. Ask her if she’s still involved in her college sorority, for example. Keep the questions coming and she’ll be flattered that you actually care. You don’t have to really care; you just need to earn as many brownie points during a first date as possible.
Use these tips as ammunition in the fight against first date nerves. You’ll impress the lady of your dreams with your intelligence and interest in your life, as well as blowing her out of the water with how handsome and put together you are. She doesn’t stand a chance against these techniques.

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