First Date Mistakes You Should Avoid with Introverts

At first, dating an introvert may sound like a difficult challenge. According to common perception, they want to be alone and have a strong dislike for crowds. In a vague sense it is true, however there is much more to introverts and their reasons for enjoying the peace and quiet with a book. While extroverts get their energy from socializing, introverts draw theirs from their moments in peace, which don’t necessarily have to be in solitude. It’s important for you to understand an introverted woman’s need for private time when you’re dating her, so that you can avoid making the following three mistakes.

Wrong Place, Wrong Time

"Do not take her to a crowded place"

“Do not take her to a crowded place”

Introverts actually do go out to mingle every once in a while. The big difference is that they actively choose to do so when they feel that they have the energy and nerve to deal with crowds. When you’re deciding on a date, be sure to check with her if she doesn’t mind the location when you’re picking it. Then, right before the date, check with her again. While you can convince her that it’ll be great to go should she be feeling reluctant, don’t force her to stay longer than she wants or you’ll have a very disgruntled woman upon your hands. If she doesn’t want to go at all and is adamant about it, don’t push the issue. You won’t be doing either of you a favor. She’ll be in a bad mood throughout the evening.

The Over-Enthusiastic Flirt

"She might resist when you try to touch her"

“She might resist when you try to touch her”

It would be wrong to say that introverts are less affectionate touches than extroverts. But similarly to a cat, they have moments they desire touch, simply enjoy it or are downright allergic to it. There’s often a distinction between the people in their lives, whose touch she doesn’t ever mind and whose she tolerates, but isn’t dying to have. When you’re flirting with an introverted woman, keep this in mind. Although flirting often involves various degrees of contact, if you become overly touchy, she won’t be too fond of you at the end. There are two ways to deal with this. You can start light and become braver until she shows the first signs of discomfort. Otherwise, to avoid her becoming uncomfortable altogether, you should simply tell her that if she feels your affections are becoming too much, she should tell you so. She’ll appreciate the offer.

One Man Crowd

As pointed out before, introverted women enjoy their alone time to just reload their batteries. One of the worst offenses you can commit is to make it impossible for her to do so. Constantly phoning or messaging her because you want to show your affection is going to bother her at some point. So will trying to spend a lot of time with her. That is not to say that you shouldn’t, but if she signals that she wants some time for herself, accept that. Everyone is entitled to some personal time and an introverted woman may need a little more than some others. When you show that you accept that fact, she’ll be all the more grateful.

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