Easy Steps to Improve Your Appearance

Appearance is pretty much everything when it comes to hooking up and scoring one-night stands. Hooking up quickly means that you’re relying on the first impression to do all the work for you, so how a woman perceives you at first glance is extremely important. Knowing how to improve your appearance without having to have an entire makeover will help you score more women, and it can often be much easier than you might think. Looking good will also make you feel much more confident, which plays into how women will perceive you as well.

Practice Proper Grooming Habits

“Proper grooming will make you attractive to women”

Having proper grooming is one of the most important steps towards improving your appearance. If you’re used to letting a little bit of stubble grow in between dates, now is the time to kick that habit. If you have a particular preference for facial hair then you should make sure to maintain it properly. If you’re going to be clean-shaven, be consistent and take the time to shave frequently. Besides just shaving, you should also make sure to go through the effort of tidying up the rest of your appearance. Get regular haircuts and whiten your teeth if you can afford to do so, because women can notice these types of things without even really knowing that they’re picking up on it.

Consider Getting Your Clothes Dry Cleaned

Showing up to a date or browsing a bar or club while wearing wrinkled clothes is not going to score you points with anyone. However, we all know how annoying it is to try and iron your clothes. You don’t want to do it, so your clothes are going to look the way they did when they came out of the washer. If you spend the money to take your clothes to get dry cleaned, you can save yourself a lot of hassle and frustration. While most women might not consciously realize that your clothes are wrinkled, they’re definitely going to notice that you look sharp if your clothes are well-maintained. It’s annoying to take care of something as inconsequential as a wrinkle, but it will make a difference in the end.

Visit the Tailor

“Get proper fitting for your suits”

If your clothes don’t fit you well to begin with, most women aren’t going to look twice – or they will, but not for the right reasons. Taking your clothes to the tailor is an easy way to improve your appearance without really having to do anything to yourself. Your clothes might fit you fine, but getting things tailored to your exact measurements can really boost your appearance. You’ll wind up looking sharper and more put together than all the other guys in the bar or club, and women will definitely notice that you seem to have put more effort in to your appearance. Visiting a tailor usually isn’t that pricy, either, so you won’t be breaking the bank. It’s almost always worth it to get your clothes tailored, especially if you shop at department stores that have clothes that are meant to fit the average body and not yours specifically.

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