Dating Websites: How to Keep the Chat Going

“Keep her interested by chatting”

Chatting with women on dating websites can be tough, especially when you don’t know what to talk about. Sometimes it seems like you’re drilling your brain to come up with something to talk about, but you keep coming up with nothing. When this happens, you may tell her that she can ask you whatever questions she wants to ask you, or that you will answer whatever questions she asks. To some women, this can be seen as a cop out. It can also make them believe that you do not properly know how to handle a difficult conversation. If a woman feels like you can’t handle a simple conversation, she may quickly lose interest in you.

Ask Questions

To avoid having her think that you can’t hold your own in a conversation, you must learn to keep the conversation going. To do that, you have to ask a woman exciting and thought provoking questions that actually make her want to answer them. Do not ask a woman something simple like, ‘what she likes to do for fun,’ and expect a lengthy message back from her. She has probably been asked that question more times than she can count. Instead, you should tell her the things you like to do for fun and why you like to do them. Ask her if she has ever done any of those things and how she feels about them. If she has never done any of them, ask her would she be willing to. Get her to explain to you why she would or wouldn’t be willing to do those things. In short, keep her talking. The more you keep her talking, the more she will think that you are really interested in what she has to say. When she feels that way, she will become even more interested in you.

Find Out What She’s Passionate About

“Ask questions and know more about her”

Another thing you should do is find out what she’s passionate about. Whether it’s traveling, movies, or something else, find out what she loves and get her to talk about it. If it’s something you aren’t sure about, research it on your own and ask her questions about it. When a woman sees that you have an interest in her passion, it will make her more comfortable around you. She will more than likely want to meet up with you sooner than you expected because of this, which definitely works out to your advantage. Keep in mind that she may ask you questions about how you feel about her interests and passions. Be ready to lie if necessary.

Keeping a conversation going with a woman on a dating website can be tricky, but it isn’t impossible. All you really need to do is find out what her interests are and keep her talking about them. You have to be willing to ask questions and listen even if her interests are boring to you. The more you show interest in the things she likes, the more she will show interest in you. At the end of the day, it’s a win for both of you.

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