Compliments that Will Backfire On You

Everyone loves compliments, but there are a few compliments that you can give a woman that do way more harm than good. If you don’t want to upset a woman you’re attracted to, try to avoid complimenting them in the wrong way.

Don’t Go Into Specifics

“I am sorry. I never meant it this way”

Men like telling women that they have bodies. After all, it probably takes a lot to have a nice body and most people appreciate compliments. The problem with focusing too much on the specifics of a woman’s body tends to piss her off for some reason. For example, if you’re in the club and you spot a gorgeous woman with a low-cut shirt that shows off her amazing cleavage, the worst thing you can do is tell her that her breasts look amazing. We know it makes absolutely no sense. It seems kind of dumb to wear the shirt if you don’t want men complimenting you, but that’s just how women are. To them, when you focus on specifics of their bodies, it means that all you seem them only as objects rather than people.

If you want to compliment a woman, instead of focusing on specifics, you should compliment her on the entire package. Don’t tell her that her breasts look amazing. Tell her that she looks stunning in whatever she’s wearing. Avoid using words like, “hot” or “sexy” as these also seem to have the ability to backfire on you.

Don’t Assume

“A bad compliment will turn her off”

Another compliment that women aren’t fans of is when a man asks her, “What man would be crazy enough to break up with you?” This compliment posed as a question tends to piss women off quicker than anything. We’ve found that the reason women get so angry when asked this question is because it assumes that the she was the person who was dumped, rather than the person that did the dumping. It seems kind of petty to us, but if you ever ask this question, be ready to be told off in a second. If you want to avoid the unnecessary drama, instead of asking her why someone would dump her, simply ask her what stupid thing a man must have done to make her leave him. You will successfully avoid being snapped at, and you will also flatter her.

The Best Around

Another compliment you definitely want to avoid is telling a woman that she’s the most attractive woman at a club or bar. You can get away with this compliment only once, but do not keep repeating it. When you tell a woman that she’s better looking than all the other woman around, it tells her that you have been checking out all the other woman and that she wasn’t first to catch your attention. For whatever reason, this seems to annoy women, so don’t do it.

As long as you avoid these types of compliments, you shouldn’t have to worry about a woman becoming annoyed or upset when you’re flirting with her. If you mess up and use one, quickly apologize or carry the conversation to a new direction to save face.

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