A Guide to Hooking Up With Younger Women

“Younger women are often attracted to older men”

When you hit the dating and hookup scene, you may be tempted to go after women who are younger than you. This is completely normal, since most guys tend to be attracted to women who are a few years younger. However, even a few years’ age gap can seem like an insurmountable challenge if the women you want to hook up with seem particularly immature. Knowing how to hook up with younger women and how to get the most out of your relationship will give you the confidence that you need to stand out from the crowd.

Act Your Age and Make Her Feel Special

A younger woman is likely used to being hit on by guys her own age, which means that acting your age can be a serious advantage. Show her that you’re mature and thoughtful, unlike the immature guys who are always bugging her at the bar. By acting your age and doing little else, you can easily get her to be attracted to you. Just being mature and thoughtful is usually enough to seem classy and sexy, especially if she’s a college aged girl who’s surrounded by guys who expect her to be attracted to them immediately. Take the time to get to know her and make her feel special and you will be well on your way to success.

Let Loose and Get a Little Crazy

Of course, you’re hooking up with younger women for a reason, and that’s probably that you want to take advantage of her youth and get a little adventurous. While you should make sure she understands that you’re mature and willing to treat her right, you should also take advantage of her youth to get a little crazy. Let loose and have fun with her while still treating her better than guys her age will treat her. Younger women are more likely to be crazy in bed, so if you manage to hook up with her, make sure to take advantage of this fact and try out something new in bed. Remember to focus on what she seems to like too, so that you have a chance of hooking up with her again if that’s what your aim is.

The Disadvantages of Hooking up with Younger Women

“Younger women often get clingy”

There can be some disadvantages to hooking up with younger women, though you’ve probably never considered it before. A younger woman is going to be less mature and sure of herself, which means that she may be overly self-conscious. When you want to hook up, this can make it difficult to compliment her. She may also be particularly needy and clingy, so if you hook up with her on more than one occasion she may wind up trying to get you to commit to her in a way that you aren’t ready or willing to do. She may also be overly dramatic, so if things wind up going badly between the two of you then she may become problematic and make things difficult for you.

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